Terminal PVP Map Design Problem

If the intended goal of the developers for PVP in Hero Hunters is to make PVP as “fair” and skill-based as possible, I believe the terminal back is several steps backward.

Disclaimer: this is just my opinion based on my personal experiences in PVP. I would say I typically lose about 1 game in 20-30, all other factors being equal. However, my loss rate in the “terminal” map is disproportionately high, even to teams I would beat easily in other maps.

The issue is quite simple: due to the wall that separates the left and right halves of the map, some heroes who begin on the “right” side cannot target some heroes from the enemy team who begin on the “left” side at the start of the match. This creates the potential for luck to be a huge factor in the outcome based on how heroes are placed relative to one another.

For example, the enemies mech heroes may get placed on the same side as my energy heroes at the start of the match. I may have a biochem hero that can quickly take out the enemy’s mechs on the other side of the wall, but it will probably take me 3-4 seconds to move (twice) to the other side to target the mechs. In that time the enemy’s mech DPS (particularly if he has someone like Clyde) could have easily killed at least one of my heroes, while I just spent about 4 seconds moving and doing no damage. If it is a competitive match between skilled players, the outcome is probably already decided.

This scenario has happened to me way too many times (to be fair I have benefited from it a few times as well) and in my opinion definitely warrants investigation and change.

I like the idea of big obstacles and POV sight breakers, but I think it would be better to start all heroes on the same side require them to move after the match has begun in order to take advantage of these obstacles.


I’ve noticed this. Sometimes 3 mech heroes and in one side, so I just have to move my energy hero to the other side, and mech enemies will ignore him.

But those TVs in the middle break REALLY fast, and this advantage is there for both teams, so I doubt it can be called “unfair”.

Yep, it’s irritating but it’s an inconvenience for every player so it’s at least “fair” in that respect. Honestly, you are better off shooting the barriers out to start the match rather than moving to the other side. It’s actually faster to break them down and it’ll save you the trouble of having to shuffle back over again should your target slide over. It happens way to frequently where I’ll chase somebody back and forth only to have the rest of my team decimated while playing chase.

Hey Hunters! I just spoke with the developers who created this map and they had already read your comments and discussed the feedback amongst themselves. They appreciated the feedback and are set to make a few changes to help the map feel better for everyone. Keep sending us feedback, we are always listening.


Hey Four,

It’s true that everyone gets bad luck from this map so in that sense you can say that it may ëven out" but I’m not sure if the “2 wrongs make a right” approach is the correct one. I think the developers’ aim should be to make every match as fair as possible.

Also, this may sound cocky of me, but most of the times I got an advantage from this map, I didn’t need it. I would have won anyway. But this map has definitely cost me some matches I would have won on other maps. Also you mention that it takes just a couple seconds to move or break down the wall - I’ve calculated it takes about 3 to 4 seconds. In many matches this won’t make a difference, but at the top levels against elite players, that makes all the difference in the world.

Thank you Huggin! Hero Hunters has the best game staff in the world.


The biggest problem with this map is the terrible FPS.

I do not suffer FPS issues at all in this game on any campaign or pvp/coop map until now.

Generally when there is a team heal going on from Keel, Heimlock, or Gammond.

I am playing on a HTC u11 mobile.

I actually like this map, even I’m faced on the opposite side of what I want, that wall in the middle is fun for a change need to rethink your strategy, maybe switch hero’s to save the time rolling around


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