TapJoy offers

Not sure if this is the right category, but I did one of those TapJoy offers (eBates) but never received my gold reward. I’ve completed 3 different TapJoy offers successfully in the past. Any suggestions?

I’ve been there! If they don’t wanna release your gold they’re not gonna.

My suggestion would be to reach out to tapjoy, since it is an tapjoy offer.

And since this is the forum and not the support you won’t get help with any technical issues here anyway.

You have to use the contact form through tapjoy, please note that in some cases they make you wait 48 hours before you can even submit a ticket. You’ll be required to show screen shot proof that you completed the requirement.

With tap joy you can only complete the latest offer you’ve accepted.

Not true. I’ve done multiple offers not in the order I accepted them.

I’ve had this prevent me from receiving a reward a few times, and since I started only completing the latest offer I haven’t had any problems.

same here.
they said that the pirate kings had to complete island 3.
i am at island 29 and they wont give me my gold

You have to make a new account with the email address you use for your HH account. An already existing account won’t give you the rewards.

If you’ve ever downloaded the game with the same apple id/play account (and I - Cloud) you won’t be able to receive the award

dude ****
it is literally linked to the same facebook account i logged in with hero hunters

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