Tapjoy Problem

I downloaded this stupid game called lords mobile to get the gold then today when I reach the first prize which is 600 or so gold didn’t take anything so i checked in the game and found that it is no longer offered in tapjoy. Is that means i lost the offer

I spend so much time on that F stupid gameso if any member or developer know how to deal with that, is it gonna come back, and should I continue playing it… please tell me ?

Hey, easy tip. DON’T DO TAPJOY OFFERS.
It’s actually faster to actually farm gold in the game itself than doing the 1000 gold offer saying that you need to get to this level in this game to get this amount of gold. Just don’t do the offers. If you have time, just sit down and spend 10-20 mins to get 30 gold and free Cinder frags and watch two 1-minute ads to get 5 more gold.

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I turned off limit ad tracking. Only thing that sucks is since iOS got it back (after it was taken away) I’ve only had offers to buy stuff no more games. But it seems with it off I got the ones you just click to open faster. Also you gotta contact tapjoy through the offer itself. Because hh won’t do anything about it

dont do tapjoy offers

Send in a support ticket. That’s the only way to solve something that involves accessing your account details.