👥 Team Compositions for Upcoming 2v2 PVP

Hello Everyone!

With new gamemodes come new possibilities, and new discussions!

With the new 2v2 PVP gamemode, new synergies and compatibilities come out on the table. So, perhaps a conversation about 4-man teams would be beneficial.

What team comps do you think would be effective in this 2pv2p? Would there be any downsides/counters to your teams, and what should your 2 heroes consist of? Would any 2 or 3 man teams be plausible, and could they work? How would Ruby heroes change up the meta?

For newer players, there are several kinds of heroes that break down into several rough categories:

Tank → A heavy frontline hero who soaks up damage and breaks cover.
Damage → Heroes who deal straight damage, either through their basic attack or in AOE skills.
Support → A hero who supports their allies through healing, shields, and special abilities.

Anything and everything regarding the new gamemode. Happy Hunting!


This from Skathi on Discord:


I better not come across those teams when I’m playing 2v2!! :rage:



I can already see some interesting synergies coming…

  1. Caine + Mauler - Moss + Serial
  2. Halo + Marianas - Cinder + Keel
  3. Lancer + Sapp - Serial + Siren
  4. Fran + none - Fran + none



2 Frans is going to be hard to beat, no doubt about that. I’m seeing 2 Buckets being hard to overcome.

Also Fran+Caine - Fran+Caine will be horrid to beat.


I was thinking maybe a double oracle… and maybe a tank and siren? Her abilities would be crankin

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Kurtz + Flatline - Flatline + mandrake

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Alcatraz - Briar + Surge - Oracle

Sapphyr - Mandrake + Claudius - Phalanx

Irezumi - Phalanx + Irezumi - Phalanx


I actually wonder about platinum skills and if they stack, so the double Phalanx may not work as effectively. Phalanx+Heim combo is solid tho

Duel galantes with Duran or fran for backup. Say your prayers and hope your teammate brought serial.

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Is hh have discord group how can i join there

This is the link to discord server

That’s a good question. Devs, how do abilities work? I am guessing it’s like co-op raids and a buff will only be applied once, even if there are two of the same hero that would grant it?

It shares a lot with co-op raids. You select two Heroes, and so does your partner, and you can take the same Heroes they do, if you want. There’s no “dibs.”

Buffs are shared across a team if applicable, just like co-op raids.

The rest, you’ll need to figure out on your own.

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One question. Do we choose our own PvP partner or randomly assigned?

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Think of it like a Co-op Raid. You can invite a friend, or do it randomly. :wink:


And to add to that, there’s advantages and disadvantages to both.

Picking an ally gives you the chance to communicate and plan out a balanced/solid team, but takes more time planning. Random is quicker time-wise, but could result in an inefficient team.

(@Deathleech I’ve had co-ops with other players where we both run a hero with a passive team-wide ability. I don’t think it doubles up, but experimenting would be useful anyway.)


NOW VIP WILL BE '2v2 farmer needed pm me…instead of trades


What would be the basis for matching? By bracket?

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