Teraventa and "The Split"

Hey guys,

Checking Kiyoshi profile, there is a mention of a Teraventa event called “The Split”.

Also, it also can be found on a post of April 1st from HHG, quoted below:

Since Im not playing Forged Fantasy (sorry, too busy with HH and real life…) I wonder if some FF player can elaborate what this The Split is all about.

Also, Jackal, Venom and Kiyoshi belongs to same Faction in Teraventa? If so, what others FF may appear here? If not…well let the full invasion begins!


I believe upcoming teraventa will be loaded with new concepts…

Think of The Split, as the Zero Day of FF. It’s the reason all of the factions contain the people that they do.

To your second question, no. Jackal, Venom, and Kiyoshi are not in the same faction. With that being said, here are all of the factions, and there heroes. :sweat_smile:

Known Members - Isabis, Snaps, Ungol, Venom, Seeper, Voidwalk, and Kiyoshi.

Known Members - Barrage and Citadel

Known Members - Ram, Burn, and Aura

Known Members - Core, Overgrow, and the Corrupted.

Known Members - Weeper, Undertow, and Tide Break

Known Members - Boreal, Elixer, and Lady Black

Known Members - Barricade, Hu Shen, Rune, Tink, Gunsmoke, and Lumin

Known Members - Niu Niu, Oshka, Spike, Stratus, and Warden

Known Members - Jackal, Sand Ruby, Kaladin, and Partisan


Weeper is Unaffiliated, if I remember right. Unless someone changed that…

She has been in the League Of Navigators every since I started playing if I remember correctly. :man_shrugging:t2:

Weird. Okay then! I made assets for all Heroes around launch and she was unaffiliated then. I guess someone drafted her after that.


I wanna see The corrupted as the next hero. I know nothing about him/her/it, but the name sounds cool!

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