Which Teraventa Hero is unable to cross the Heronium rift to enter your world?

We all know that Teraventa Heroes have entered our Hero Hunters’ world from an alternate dimension through a Heronium rift and have settled in our hearts forever, but some heroes are still unable to cross through the wormhole to enter ours.
Here is a poll to see which Teraventa Hero is the one who is yet to cross the rift to be a part of our collection. The one who is most desired, most wanted yet unluckily unobtainable. Here, I also request DECA that the one who gets the highest votes may be made accessible to all Hero Hunters.
I start with Gunsmoke, I don’t own him but want him.

  1. :JACKAL:
  2. :SNAPS:
  3. :STRATUS:
  4. :SAND RUBY:
  5. : VENOM:
  6. :SHESHEN:
  7. :KIYOSHI:
  8. :ELEXIR:
  9. :WARDEN:
  10. : BARRICADE:
  11. : GUNSMOKE:

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If you have Dogface then you have Gunsmoke. Only difference I can see is you can get 20rounds from his bronze & silver vs 18 with Dogface. The one I was expecting when they released Snaps was Isabis. Snaps even mentions his mistress Isabis in his raid.


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