Thank you deca!

POV; Deca adds serial crate finally,


Quality response. XDđź‘€

;memeformat lolol, truly a great mini thing to add

Add the Alive & Well skin aswell please….


Maybe for Halloween, considering that’s the theme of the skin and when it came out

ist me or did serial crate dosent come with free token

Thanks Deca For Responding :pray::handshake:

No it’s a event for those who have the gold and don’t have serial, it’s not a token event sadly,

Happy to hear that you like it!

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Should definitely stay themed. It doesn’t add much to the bronze skill time so it isn’t essential per se.

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Except the critical bonus effects the gold ability! Doing forget about that

Edit; wait how does it effect the bronze skill?

Now I just want war till you give update. It’s been long time since last war end. Please give a war event.

We plan to run the event again after the update goes live. Thanks for sharing your request. It’s always good to get ideas about what players would like to see.


It adds nothing because it works on levels. But yes, the gold skill is quite honestly essential then

(sadly just spent the only heronium I had on the expedition skin and then just bought the mythic, oh well I’ll live)

Well that was unexpected…

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Yeh serial very good

It’s too hard… 2 years Wait is continued… 3k gold spend Not Getting Serial… So sad… :unamused::pensive:

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