Thank you HH

Got to say Loving February update, raced into dome with normal hero loadout expecting low heros Ohhh crap should have paid attention to enemy screen…
But every level makes you think what hero loadout to use. I have a few Alt accounts and with dome levelling to them they can enjoy the full event instead of reaching a power cap they cant get past like in min wave event. Not say Min wasn’t fun loved that also and made you push to level to reach next stage, but this a new event that is open to new and old players alike and love it…

Also noticed a big price drop for new hero with extra stam etc as normal think JAREK was priced at 48.99 or maybe 58.99 but Bucket only 28.99 much better price and with all work you guys/gals have done with upcoming alliance wars and this new and fun Dome. I had to say thanks and support further game development and pay for this hero. Normal do 4.99 every month as believe in supporting games im enjoying but for me this month you have excelled yourselves and deserve a pat on the back from you loyal gamers hope you keep hero at a more reasonable price in future. Not saying I’ll buy them all but will def from time to time VIP 12 so :wink:

Hip hip :wink: HH Hip Hip keep up the great work


Thanks a lot Lillypawz! Reading this made my day. :smiley:

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