The devs’ failure to address Panzer’s imbalance is an insult to the HH playerbase

Go ahead and lock or delete this, but there is something that needs to be brought up.

Listen, I get it. HHG is a business and businesses exist to turn profits. But there’s a shameful predatory practice becoming all too prevalent in freemium games that I was desperately hoping wouldn’t become apparent in HH.

Devs of games that have regularly iterated updates with added content will at some point realize that they can pump crazy amounts of money out of their players if they release over-powered content and then later say “oops, you’re right, we’ll pull it back a bit.” Many have already spent money unlocking it (panzer in this case) so they’ve already cashed in.

Devs that practice this predatory tactic tend to consistently follow the same cycle.

  1. Churn out new, overpowered content on a regular basis

  2. Stay silent as the complaints start rolling in

  3. Eventually show up and admit that balance is needed but “it will take some time” (This step is KEY to keeping the paying players happy and having them feel like they still got their money’s worth after the balance changes)

  4. After a bit longer, balance the overpowered content and the playerbase forgives and forgets

  5. Rinse and repeat.

The notion that a dev team as fleshed out as HHG isn’t fully testing their releases is asinine. What they’re doing is deliberate; it is not an accident or a lapse in testing judgement; and it’s not at all the action of a player-focused development team.


It’s the truth HH developers are ignoring us look at the brawls tournament Panzer can kill almost all the heroes it it’s stupid Why participate in tournaments when all you do is lose because all the characters are basically energy heroes This tournament is the perfect example why
panzer instant kill at the beginning of the match sucks d_ck
leaves me wondering why Not address this Panzer issue
It’s insulting to someone who spent money on VIP +10 and I’m not getting this all figured out
Developers have given a character too much power and allowed other players to abuse it which is really rubbing the Dedicated the wrong way
I like many other people spend time in my day doing things I enjoy not things that I don’t fix this problem or you start losing support of those who really believe in your content

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Exactly. There is absolutely no excuse for taking this long to fix something so obviously and shamelessly broken.

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I understand your frustration with Panzer, as she is horribly overpowered and unbalanced, however, I do not believe this is a tactic they’re using to intentionally gain profit, here’s why:

My account’s age is 176 days old, and since I’ve joined they have introduced a total of 12 new heroes over the course of that time. Here are all the heroes they’ve added, and my view on their ‘balanced-ness’

  • Scum (balanced)
  • Yanlong (balanced)
  • Fischer (gum on the bottom of my shoe)
  • Galante (dirt on the gum on the bottom of my shoe)
  • Kunoichi (balanced)
  • Callidus (balanced)
  • Oracle (balanced)
  • Cinder (balanced)
  • Caine (somewhat overpowered initially, but was nerfed)
  • Flatline (balanced)
  • Sapphyr (balanced)
  • Panzer (very overpowered)

As you can see, a majority of the new heroes they’ve introduced in the last 6 or so months have been pretty balanced, a couple have been horrible (not mentioning any names Fischer and Galante), and yes, then there is Panzer…
If this was a consistent happening, then I think I would agree with you, but I think this may have just been a flop on the Devs part.

Regardless of being overpowered or underpowered, the Devs know they will make sales on the new hero anyways, since new heroes are always event-specific and get bonuses for the entire month


I see. That’s an objective view. But man it shouldn’t take them this long to come up with something.
An incentive like giving a losing player 1/5 crate and 100 gems when losing to panzer team would make me willing to become fodder to panzer. It just frustrating to rack your brains and get nothing out of it and not have a clear direction to where they are taking things. At least give me consolation because of your inability to address the issue.

Thank you for addressing this issue which has been poisoning the game for the month. Now PVP lost its fun completely and it is basically Panzer vs Panzer and it boils down to who gets stronger Panzer. I have seen bronze 10 star Panzer pair up with other bronze heroes to rule the game. It is toxic, sick and make a lot of players sick. But the devs aren’t doing anything and there are lots of PVP brawls.

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I appreciate the sanity check; you raise a very valid point by giving a full review of each of the latest new heroes.

It’s probably true that I’m jumping to conclusions at least to some extent. However, I maintain that it’s inexcusable that something THIS gamebreaking has not yet been addressed after this long. I’m not sure I can be convinced that the devs aren’t taking the approach of stalling to let the paying players have their fun before rescinding the ridiculous imbalance.

The forums have been absolutely flooded with panzer complaints and it’s blindingly obvious that it’s sucking the fun out of an already grind-driven game. A quick hotfix of even -10% to her base and skill damage would be an embarrassingly simple way to fix this temporarily while a long term solution is figured out. There’s no reason I can see why this hasn’t happened aside from what I mentioned above.

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They use the same system in call of duty release overpowered weapons that are hard to obtain or will cost you ass load of money to get and then ignore the people that keep complaining about how it’s being exploited
it’s called profit to concern ratio
Long as the profits can to keep the Voice of the customer wet it I’ll never catch fire and they can continue to exploit it
the last for five days this subject really been catching fire but people been complaining for a month
And let’s be honest every hero released has been over power to a certain degree it is based on how you’ve interacted with each hero
If you had a powerful team and they release a new character it won’t bother you
but for people with less powerful team new Unregulated character such as panzer can run amok Until they address the situation with said hero because each one of the characters you spoke of has been addressed Nerf fixed
Panzer affects low level teams as well as high-level teams and it has basically become a high noon shoot out
your panzer against my panzer rest of the team doesn’t matter that completely defeats the game
now they’re talking about adjusting healing ability in the game how’s that going to help I don’t know

To be fair, last month happened exactly the same.

Oracle was bugged, being blatantly OP, and they took a whole month to fix it, allowing people to abuse her for PvP tournaments and bounty events.

The only difference was that Oracle was locked behind crates and needed to be plat to abuse the bug, and everyone has Panzer, and she wrecks just being bronze.

But two months in a row we had a hero dominating PvP by themselves, and nothing has been done.


Yes, thank you. I wasn’t at that level so I couldn’t speak to it from experience and left it out. But the same can be said for Halo’s plat pre-nerf. People pumped money into halo/oracle/panzer to have a ridiculous advantage against non-paying players and the devs are complacent, stalling on a fix, allowing it to happen. If something is that broken, then not issuing a a hotfix is a blatant display of the intentions of the devs.

And now a Panzer special offer is available. The people without Panzer have been getting wrecked by her so they’ll cash in for frags without realizing that the inevitable nerf is likely right around the corner.

I will definitely NOT be supporting this by buying the offer.

Everybody in the thread speaking the truth
85% of a business revenue comes from Hardcore users The other 15% Don’t keep you in business
If were taking time to say it you believe the developers will take time to listen
The people that are saying anything are the people that keep this HH ecosystem alive
the hard-core users
I know Hero hunters is the developers baby but with the baby comes responsibility
when the diaper is full of shit
change the diaper

I didn’t upgrade or join any Panzer’s PvP, i don’t feel like devs are listen to us. And u know what 3 of my Alliance quit this game. Congrats HHG

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[quote=“Papa_Marsh, post:7, topic:5398, full:true”]However, I maintain that it’s inexcusable that something THIS gamebreaking has not yet been addressed after this long. I’m not sure I can be convinced that the devs aren’t taking the approach of stalling to let the paying players have their fun before rescinding the ridiculous imbalance.

The forums have been absolutely flooded with panzer complaints and it’s blindingly obvious that it’s sucking the fun out of an already grind-driven game. A quick hotfix of even -10% to her base and skill damage would be an embarrassingly simple way to fix this temporarily while a long term solution is figured out. There’s no reason I can see why this hasn’t happened aside from what I mentioned above.

Exactly. Usually if it’s a minor issues developers wait a month until the next patch to fix something. When it’s as big of a problem as Panzer though, that’s something that warrants a hot fix within a few days. Also, I would say at least a few of the recent heroes released have been OP (Caine, Oracle, Panzer), and it has progressively gotten worse.

I get the developers need to make money and that’s fine. I have no issue with paying players having a slight edge in the game. They can have more/higher level characters and more refreshes available during bounties and PVP tournaments. That gives them first access to new characters and makes it easier to get higher ranks in these things. However, making it so paying players are pretty much guaranteed easy wins with an incredibly OP character and it ruins PVP for everyone isn’t a good way to run a game.

Most of the guys in my alliance aren’t playing the current brawl because of this. It’s a really dumb event based on a broken hero.

Everybody remember keels scavenger skill To heal when covers destroyed was taken away in the last update and within three days it was fixed
why they cannot fix this stuff
I really don’t know
this company’s been around for a while in Canada they made multiple games throughout time
Maybe they just believe that no other company will come out with a similar IP and do the exact opposite of what they’re doing now
To be honest it’s a little bit early in the games lifespan to go all call of duty straight cash grab
But what else can I think when I turned on my game and it’s at 29.99 for 200 Panzer fragments
Developers have been real hit and miss for the last month or so

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This is why I was the first person to complain about Panzer WEEKS ago and tried to confront Omni in VIP chat within days of her release.

People are way too generous in defending HHG like this wasn’t an obviously broken hero. Anyone who can do 1st-Grade math could’ve figured out in seconds that Panzer’s DPS for the first 10 seconds would be enough to kill ~2 heroes on almost any team. Yet too many forum posters here were all too happy to contribute to the problem (usually the people who paid $$$ and wanted to abuse her for as long as they could) by acting like there was some secret method to counter 30k DPS or that it was simply people running too many energy heroes.

I hope HHG never pulls this stunt again, the people who care enough to register on the forums and talk are usually the ones who have already paid $$$ - but the new players who are getting steamrolled by panzer aren’t going to bother registering and complaining, they are just gonna tap uninstall when they get subjected to the Pay2Win-zer juggernaut.


Pay2Win-zer juggernaut


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Spot on, but it’s not just the new players at risk. Several guys in my alliance are talking about pulling the plug after months of play; vip10+ guys, and all because of the broken pvp. The developer’s have been uncharacteristically silent about this. Usually we get an acknowledgement and a we’re working on it post. But we see more panzer events and pvp after pvp event where we see who is faster on the breach skill to win the match; special events trying to pull more $ for more panzer action. I understand the point of the making them making money for the company. I’m VIP 11 myself and I will continue to contribute as long as I’m receiving a good product.

I have dev friends that worked on ME3 and the amount of corporate meddling was barely tolerable; it also trashed what should have been a good game. This also stinks of corporate penny pinchers screwing with a good ip to line their own pockets and kick the can down the road for someone else to deal with. Dev’s can’t say sh*t unless they want to start collecting unemployment. And that’s exactly what we’re hearing from them, nothing. So if the corporate guy is reading, you’re screwing things up. Go back to your office and let the people who understand games make the games.

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As a 9* 1-bar Plat Panzer owner (only VIP 5 so I can at least say I didn’t just “buy” my way there)…I totally agree. She was broken from the jump and I saw it after just a couple matches. Every spare frag I had went into aggressively leveling her after that. Why? Not because I love stomping noobs in PvP. Quite the opposite, I’m pretty vocal about rebalancing so that as many heroes are viable in PvP as possible. I did it because I knew lots of others would too and that it would take HHG at least a month to get around to patching her.

And that…kinda sucks. I literally dumped hundreds of frags into her with the notion that she’d be at the top of the food chain for 4-6 weeks because I knew that not only would it let me farm more than enough resources to be worth it for leveling up other heroes but because I knew that if I didn’t, it’d be Plat Halo/Plat Baron all over again, only worse because Panzer was going to be much more accessible to the player population. If you don’t have a 7* Plat Panzer or higher at this point, I don’t even know how you can stand to play PvP right now…

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