The watch bounty

I think this bounty has been one of the best since quite some time. The element bounties popping up are very convenient as well. Mechs would be the hardest to hit this bounty, because most players do not own artemis, and am actually pleased to see the abundance of green bounties, which for the first time, looks relevant to the 50% that is always preached. :smiley: gj. the only drawback of it being the low dmg of yeager, With just a little bit more damage from his archangel,this bounty would be perfect but overall its all good. Oro and heckler are being insane. On the same par as Matador when well combined. Keep up the good work,things are getting better.

Iā€™m just glad they fixed the Yeager issue. When it first started he was required on energy bounties not bio

i agree! A very fair bounty

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