Your opinion about the Bounty (Start 30. November 2018)

It’s not about disproving or criticizing other opinions. Everyone perceives the game differently also because of the different configurations, strengths and preferences.

What do you like, what do you like better than last time and what do you like badly? What changes would you like? I’ll start with my opinion :wink:

I think that’s good:

  • I think the duration as it is set now is very good

Better than the last Bounty:

  • currently we have enough targets. Before bounty start, my Allianz had saved on the quick win tickets and stamina. For the bounty start everyone played the quick wins first to search for targets.

Which I think is bad:

  • The Patriots faction consists exclusively of Energy Heroes, with the exception of Kobold (Goblin). In Bounty, however, the majority of targets are Mech elements. This gives the majority of targets an advantage over the hunters.

Which should be improved from my point of view:

  • I would like the bounty targets to be evenly distributed in terms of element.
  • The heroes are already grouped by the elements in Mech/Energie/Bio. Then there are the fractions. I would like to see fractions in which all the elements are evenly distributed. This would create much more flexibility and variables in the bounty.

It seems the majority of targets are mech because whenever a bio or energy bounty is discovered, its killed extremely quick. Since they are gone fast, most people are summoning to get one were they have an elemental advantage over the bounty, and just don’t attack the mech hero when its summoned. This leaves a bunch of leftover mechs that just don’t get attacked since most of them take 2 or 3 stamina to take down.

Since the next faction is peoples guard, with a more even spread of bonus heroes for each element, I don’t see this being much of a problem


The current type of bonty is great
Its balanced i guess

But i was wondering
To solve the elements problem
I think they should make the bounty non-elemental !!!

Thank you for your opinions. It often helps to look at the topic through different eyes.
I hope therefore still on many view angles other brothers and sisters in the play.

Sure that plays a part. But its took a look at which heroes were summons and about half of it were Mech. Screenshots are in the thread I opened.

I’m sorry, but no. Approximately the last 10 targets I found were MECHs. There are definitely far too few bio targets.

Pardon me but who is Goblin?

Sorry. I play on a German account where she‘s called „Kobold“. The November Hero.

The hero names are the same in every language

The Goblin is here, and he’s green. :grin:

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