They think, they should validate the score of the 3 wars of the season

I think that they should change the modality of the season, the scores of the 3 wars would have to be valid, because some alliances do badly one, but the other better and are in good places, while another that makes 3 good wars, they are more down in positions, If the 3 were added they would be in better places.
And that for my part seems unfair, what do you think?
because alliances that strive the 3 wars are lower than others that only go well 2.


Stil The most important question is missing about wars… Hope people will raise voice for that issue otherwise,soon WE WILL SHOW IT…
WE WILL SHOW IT THROUGH PYJAMAS :slightly_smiling_face:

Best 2 of 3 is best in my opinion

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I think this would be the right step towards preventing alliances giving up their HQ to allies. They might not be so giving if they know that score counts for the season. Big difference between throwing a war and hurting your alliances season ranks.
On the other hand. Theres always going to be a bad war here and there. Its simply the nature of the beast. This would hurt the alliances that get a bad set up and would be counting on the 2/3 to recover from that bad situation.
Deff a thin line between the both. Worth discussing non the less. :+1:

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