Things I’d like to see in the new updates

September Update
A easier way to get coins and other currency faster
October Update
Halloween Crate
Halloween Event
November Update
Thanksgiving Event
Free Coins Etc in inbox
December Update
Christmas Event
Christmas Crate
Free Coins and such in inbox
That’s all I want

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Can it really be considered an ‘idea’ if it’s summarized as “I just want free stuff”?

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Well the game has a lot of stuff you have to pay for can there at least be a special occasion when we get free things?

What do you have to pay for? You can play everything for free and get enough gold and ressources to get along as a free player.

VIP, heros, etc, I’m saying you got to pay for a lot in the game, and let’s be honest there making heroes over op and there doing for money to make people give them their money

Like panzer last month was killing at the start of the match

You didn´t need to pay for Panzer, you could farm her for free the whole month. Same with Irfit.

You can get every Hero for free by farmed gold and VIP is a bonus for paying customers. Someone has to finance the game and giving them small advantages for that is just fair.

Yeah it doesn’t take that long to unlock the new heroes. 10 frags/day when lvl 70 and you need 60 frags to unlock so 6 days and that’s without reset.

VIP 0 here, 56/60 heroes unlocked, top 500 in PvP without playing seriously. I don’t think this game is as money grabbing as you are trying to make it look :slight_smile:

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I totally agree. I’m vip 1 and this is probably the least money grabbing free to play game I have played. Maybe yugioh duel links can rival them with the amount of equivalent of “gold” you get for free. There’s a reason I stayed playing this game for almost 500 days

Halloween Crates / Skins / Events would be awesome though. And i fully expect some Christmas funtimes and special deals. Maybe not lots of free stuff but a sale of some sort and events with boosted rewards would be nice, and double stamina rechare time during the holidays. :slight_smile: And a Santa Galante skin.


Why wouldn’t surge be Santa? Lol. Galante could have a nutcracker skin. Prophet could get a Christmas tree skin…

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