Things I would like to see in Hero Hunters

HH is the only game I play constantly day in and out from the last 3+ years and basis my experience in the game there are a few things that I would like to see in the game.

1. Change in the daily quest rewards
Its been a long time since there was any change in the quest rewards from salvatore to cinder. I think its high time for another change

2. Bulk purchase in stores
I would like to see a bulk purchase option in Heronium and Alliance stores similar to the buy 10 crates option
Something like a buy 1 and Buy all option for frags and such because I dont want to keep clicking 40 times to buy skin tokens

3. Restock option
It would be nice to have a restock option in alliance and heronium stores similar to gauntlet and PVP stores

4. Platinum items in stores
Plat items could be introduced to gauntlet stores would help both new and experienced hunters who have surplus gauntlet coins

5. New filter in Hero list
I don’t know how much usage the current filters are getting. I for one use only the first 3.
filter by element
filter by position and
filter by team
and i have no idea what is the second last filter supposed to do the one shaped like a diamond
What i would like to see is
filter basis the type, i.e. damage dealer, tank, support

6. Teraventa based events
We have good sized team for teraventa now. I think its time we had bounty or some other events focused on them
I do know that solo raid event already focuses on them but i would like to see more

7. Bounty calculations
I had already mentioned this in another thread but adding it to the overall list here
I would like to see the amount spent by each player in summons
I would like to see how much bounty coins did each person contribute
We have a damage contribution tracker so something on the similar lines to track these two

Looking forward to your thoughts and comments.


Teraventa events would only serve players who have spent for those characters. There are currently 7 Teraventa characters with 1 (Warden) on the way. Only three of the eight are available in the Gilded Crate. I’m not sure how many are available in the Gilded Hero Crate or the FF Crate but tokens for those crates are seldom obtainable unless through purchasing offers or the rare event that will give them away as rewards, such as Gilded Festival.

Teraventa is the only faction with characters that you can’t truly grind fragments for. If an event happened that revolves around this faction, more avenues to unlock Teraventa characters should be opened to ensure the event serves as much of the player base as possible.

One event I would like to see return is PVP: Realism. It might’ve been an April Fools gag, but the event itself was fun and quick. Very ideal for a mobile game lol.


Realism was dope, I would definitely like to see some whacky gamemodes spring up which shake up the meta and the hardcore players :joy:.


Bring Realism PvP back! :heart_eyes:


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