Things that could be fixed with future updates

This is a small list of things that could be fixed in my opinion

Matador: “Drive the charge” - it’s easier for Matador to destroy a cover than kill an enemy since he doesn’t do much damage with his weapon, the health of the shield could be lowered by a little or at least its duration is lowered by 5-10 seconds.

Flatline: “Free!” - The flat resuscitations are quite annoying but are extremely useful, you could do that as the heroes are resuscitating they get less and less health…

Heckler: Once upon a time Heckler had a bug on the silver skill that instead of shooting a single enemy, he would shoot everyone.
Can’t you make it an extra effect for the skill like “shoot all enemies who have the highest health of the hero”?

Ronin: “Response” - once this skill forced ronin to stand still on the spot while the ability was in action and prevented him from shooting, (yes I still hate Ronin, but it’s a common hate) it would be a good nerf to give him back this malus or whatever it’s called, or at least lower the duration time by 3 seconds.

Fisher: “Dive” - this is more a problem from bounties, when the enemy Fisher becomes invisible no longer suffers damage.

Cross: “Antidote” - is a fairly useless skill, instead of recovering only a spit of health why not put that cure any malus after 3 seconds?

Salvatore: “Heavy weaponry” - grenades explode too slowly and are too easy to avoid even when slowed down, a small cut in the timer would be fine.

Jarek: “Maximum Guard” - I still don’t understand what this skill is for.

Bolt: “synthetic intuition” - more chance of critical blow (1% is too bad)

Anvil: it’s strong and you can’t say no, but when it fires the rose of bullets it’s too big and it’s difficult to hit a distant enemy, if it tightened a bit it would be good.

Min: “Smokegranade.exe” - after Min recovers all his health, the hologram should disappear automatically.

Scum: he’s also strong, his skills reload quickly and do a lot of damage, but the reload time of the weapon is too long for me (while reload I have time to take 2 showers).

Prophet: “Coordination” would be very useful that the target designated by the skill if invisible makes it visible, otherwise it is quite useless to mark someone if you do not see anyway.

Castellan: Many have complained about him recently, Castellan himself is still weak as a hero, but the main problem is the two turrets and the shield.
For the turrets you could do that if they are placed both, if one of them suffers damage, the damage is shared between the two, or when you place the second turret, half of the health of the first is given to the second.
For the shield you could do that the small generator can be destroyed to eliminate the shield faster, so if you shoot directly at the hero duct protection the shield absorbs the damage, but if you destroy the generator the shield disappears immediately.

Chesterfield: still no one has noticed that the gold skill does not work

Shanks: Okay that’s still new, but needs many buff between weapon damage, skill damage and health.
And the animation of “low blow” does not hit anything with the name of the skill.

Galante: he needs another buff, I do not know what kind but he needs it and also a skill that makes it all gold.

Mandrake: he has a Bug that eliminates the sound of his weapon firing.

If some of the names of the skills do not match is because I have translated them from Italian to English.
I repeat is just a list of suggestions that in my opinion could be adjusted


That flat suggestion’s GOT to be implemented, devs hope you’re reading this


jarek’s plat makes gives him armor and damage reduction each time he damages an opponent. You know, like doomfist


Awesome list. I always love it when players take the time to offer up suggestions for Character Skills and balance changes, gives us a starting point to look at.


It does work. It refreshes the trap and deals dmg you can perma root with this.


Imo, leave the bronze alone but nerf her gold. What usually happens is she rezes someone they instantly ‘die’ but flats gold saves them and heals both of them.

Could also make each use of the bronze rez increase the charge time of the next one; if first rez is 30 sec, next rez is 45 than 60 than 75 etc. The plat would be less and less useful as it would provide less and less of the charge as teammates die. Helps to keep flat relevant early on but make her a little less reverse sweep if the game takes longer.

that works too. I hope it would be implemented

Nice list, not surprising to see so many bugs given how fast the heroes are released. Let’s see how many of these will be fixed in the next update.

Then are my heroes that doesn’t work

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