This Brawl ending in a few hours

so this was to prove we could find use from all heroes, and they eliminated platinum skills to throw us good players off… well i haven’t faced ONE person that hasn’t used panzer-night-drake, and the other 2 are between keel, dog, caine, and heim… any other hero used is just a waste, hopefully they will try to make the game fair. i just honestly wish they would hear me for once, i made 4 threads about nightengale being too powerful during september waiting with so much anticipation to see her nerfed this october is update. they didn’t freakin touch her!!! panzer has the highest dps out of 95% of the heroes and the health of 70% the heroes. if the stats don’t support that then the stats are useless, if they REALLY wanted to try something, take drakes gold skill away, and panzer and night out of the game and see what happens… i bet dog would take panzers place tho, but maybe not cuz odachi could counter dog, but he can’t counter dog and panzer, i’m sorry i digressed for a minute there. point is it’s the same heroes, and the pattern has been a very simple pattern since may. they release a new hero (caine/may-flatline/june-panzer/july-ifrit/august-nights skin/september-too early for october’s) that is too op and you have to have it you want to compete at a real level, cuz if you like this game you will continue to play till you reach power level 60-80k in pvp. it’s very obvious that it’s a cash grab, and i understand i’m not mad at that, i’ve played plenty of mobile games and this one is WAY cheaper and less crooked that most, so i only care about enjoying the game play. if they actually read this, you’re main issue is night and panzer. those are too powerful, and this event should prove that. drakes gold skill too, every single match this brawl goes panzer-night-drake, EVERY MATCH. and there’s no team composition that can beat that, except copying their team comp. you guys fixed pvp immediately following the ifrit update because it was such a dramatic change no one died lol, they just shot each other till the clock ran out. so you have the ability to change this stuff first thing monday. sorry for rambling my adderall just kicked in. but if anyone else agrees with me please say something so they actually listen. i feel like i’m talking to a wall, i leave facebook comments about it, i post forum threads and responses, i blow up discord about it, and they say they want to hear feed a i from everyone no matter what their participation, but they can’t even listen to their die hard players that have stayed with them since the games launch??? i’m giving them another chance lol, but i’ve been playing call of duty heroes more and more, y’all should check it out if you like this game. it’s so fun, download and try it. CALL OF DUTY: HEROES for mobile. t money out-


Now that’s a wall of text.


Nobody is forcing you to play, take a beer it’s weekend, chill

Heroes are free just for playing the coop raids. Night skin is free too if you play pvp. So, really it’s a matter of playing the game and making the most of it. Yes, you’re right everyone uses the same 8 heroes. At least there are bounties that make good of the other heroes. So many super fun heroes combos to play they just aren’t good enough for pvp. At least pvp makes hero focus easy.

Lucy Ford, I love it when your adderall kicks in, it’s fun!

Took some time to read your post and it was hard. Paragraphs are important, as is punctuation! Apart from that I agree with most of what you said.

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