This must be a joke

When you said the new limit will be 15 for new hero fragments it sounded amazing but, of course, there was a trick

So, in order to 15 real fragments per day, you must:

-Be able to defeat coop raid 90 level
-Reset at least once per day (80 gold) the raid
-Have enough luck to get 5 fragments in each of these raids. Otherwise, you’ll have to resent again (180 gold per day).

If you are not strong enough (I’m level 90 and sometimes I suffer a lot with helios 85) you’ll have to reset at least twice (with a lot of luck) or even three times (and play it, of course).


Now the people with Alt accounts rise to fame :partying_face:


Yup, still its good to have the option to grab more than 8. You cant have him before 1st bounty anyway unless you get him from the crate

Shouldn’t of made such a fuss about the previous limit and rewards. Let it be and enjoy the game. Now the lower level players will have a longer grind to achieve the new hero’s. Way to go folks, way. To. Go.

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Yeah I don’t think it’s our fault there are new 5-stars, it was probably gonna happen regardless.

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If you want 15 frags a day make sure you get a trade, simple as that you will get 8-10. (RESET) and get another trade, you will get 5. (15) Not that hard. A little pricey but thats what you asked for

and if I wanted to buy another 15 more fragments, at the time of spending 80 gold they should give me 15 more fragments or they will only give me the rest of the 15 fragments.

15 is max per day, no matter how many times you reset

they should improve that, sensupon I’m paying with gold for a restart,

Well its how it used to be before the cap.

I gotta agree, that’s an obvious try to grab even more money out of our pockets. 80 gold is more then you get for completing the 10 daily missions. Not everyone is lucky with PvP chests to get like 40 gold out of one. This really stinks, not to mention that Helios is a terrible raid anyway…

I agree it is a money grab. Helios is already the hardest co-op with the lowest rewards. Lower level players already did not make the 8 frag limit and fell behind unlocking past heroes. Now people with multiple accounts will not be helping other players while instead feeding coop frags to one of their accounts. It will hurt trading social aspect on the game and encourage more JuanDoe2’s.

All they want is gold for resets. Do the math and it might be better to throw it away on crates.


It’ll be the same or even worse than the old system.

If you don’t want to spend gold on him, you’ll have yo wait at least 24 days (it’s an average, cause some days you’ll get 8 frags but most of them you’ll get 6 or 7)

If you are willing to spend money on him you only need 11 days but the thing is, as I said before, if you are not able to be 90 raid level you’ll have to reset up to 5 times a day, which means 240 gold a day, wich is 2,640 gold total.

Oh and of course you need to be level 5 VIP to have enough resets a day.

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Inb4: Of course coop raid are supposed to be played with a mate (who could afford half the price).

Either case, what about if you don’t find someone who’s willing to pay 1,300 gold for him.

I mean, it’s basically half the price for a 10x Hero Crate.

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Now it’s worse omfg! Previously the 90 stage could get u a guaranteed 8 with 2 runs. Now ur lucky ti even get 8. Knew the 15 frag limit looked too good to be true. So basically, they did almost nothing to offset the 5 star releases with the potential of it being worse than previous drops depending on ur RNG.

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U get 8 guaranteed at 90. If u want to spend gold and get 5-7 more the option is yours. They added a bunch of crates as well to help get the new hero. No matter the case, you always got something to complain about sss. If its that bad please just quit, since they obviously cant appease you.

Max I’ll get per day without reset is 6, not the previous 10. Couldn’t let well enough alone. You aren’t going to win your defense, most of these replies are from lower level players, where the most damage was done.

You realize that the different co-op missions offer different reward structures, right? The frag rewards haven’t changed at all.

It sounds like you’re comparing Helios (the current co-op with low rewards) with Dojo/CityHall (second half of the update month). There is always a difficult low-frag co-op first, followed by a much easier one that pays out up to 7 for level 90+ difficulty.

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You guys all fail to realise that @Papa_Marsh is right here, Dojo and City Hall both give about 7 frags for 90+. It’s only Helios that has always given the lowest amount of frags despite it being the hardest. So everyone stop getting your panties in a twist and wait for the nexty coop raid cycle to come around so you will get your full 15 frags or at least very close to it.

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Actually the previous first frag event had the chance of up to 8 frags per day for the lvl 70 bracket. It is now throttled down to 6. Both without a reset.