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I understand the need for a fragment daily limits but I think the current amount should be increased. My reasoning is that as a player at team level 85 I’m offered 3-4 fragments per CO-OP so when or if I play with a friend I have a chance to obtain 8 fragments which rarely happens. What does happen though is I receive 3 fragments on 1 mission and 4 on the other giving me a total of 7 with 1 more obtainable fragment which literally makes no sense because now I have to play or help a friend on an extremely difficult hereby wasting a raid to receive 1 fragment. I can only suggest making level 85 4 fragments across the board or increasing the daily fragments limits to about 12 or 16 hereby encouraging others to purchase reset and/or trade

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I agree cause im level 90 and we get 4-6 each time so that means we get the 8 frags but can’t go over I say raise it to 12 that would get the frags we can get


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass it along, as always.


Get to level 90 and you will get the max every time after 2 raids. If they increase the max amount you can get to 12 per day, it would be the same issue at level 90 where you might get anywhere between 8-12 and fall a few short.

I’m all for increasing the max limit per day, just pointing out your reasoning doesn’t make much sense since you lay out the problem, then your “fix” introduces the exact same problem at a later level.

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I agree but let’s consider I’m the only person close enough to level 90, then what do you suggest I do (dont say trade globally because I’ve gotten swindle a few times before) now I understand that at level 90 the problem still exist but as is now it doesn’t make sense. Plus who wouldn’t want the opportunity to receive more fragments per day lol

Once more people are 90 this problem will no longer exist, unless the developers change the max limit again. Until then most people will get to 90 and get max frags from 2 co-op raids

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