Where are the Energy Bounties?

Why, if the majority of KLG are Mechs, are there so many Biochem bounties this time around? I see 16 bounties in our queue. One is Mech, One is Energy. Everything else in Biochem.

I think you answered your own question, without knowing it.

If all Bounty spawns are evenly weighted (they are) and KLG Irregulars have a lot of Mech Heroes, you would be taking out the Energy Heroes quickly, the Mech Heroes semi-quickly, and ending up with a surplus of Bio-Chem if you’re only focused on using Bonused Heroes.

It’s a case of the system functioning correctly, but the perception being unbalanced due to the way players tackle Bounties.


@Muninn I’ve got all bio chen bounties 20/20 and we need this proportion like out of 20 there must be 7 of March , 7 of Energy and 6 of Bio bounties.

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Definitely not functioning correctly out of all my summons which is approximately 20 summons so far out of those summons have been 5 mech or energy hero’s which makes 15 bio hero’s. This is not running correctly and 8 of those required the new hero. Not sure what you consider functioning correctly.


Jokes aside, Muninn pretty much summed it up.


Mainly bios. I’ve sat there and spawned 20 bounties of those 20 only 2 were energy 0 mech and the rest bio

I think this topic will never end till eternity. Lol :laughing:

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If people complain like this pattern, there will be a guaranteed thread about there is not enough bio bounties in patriot month.

Lol my alliane has no issues. We got a lot of energy bounties

Use your other hero’s, it’s free rewards.

Another reason for rebalancing the factions. A close to even number of elements will help in bounty, pvp, co-op, and solo events. Especially having a healer or two for each faction. The last solo event level is not easy without some type of perfection.

Edit: I’m not talking about the last solo event. But others in the past have been difficult without a healer.

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