Trying to plat my heroes

I’m trying to plat Maven and Hideo, but I need to go level up to 60. I am level 53, any ideas to level up fast?

Complete daily quests.


The daily quests are pretty much the most efficient way to level up Team Level.
Just make sure you are getting all of your Daily Quests done each day.

Thanks for the idea! But I already do that every single day.

Completing 13 Daily quests will also give you 30 gold. Which is pretty much the only way I get gold.

Oh, I forgot completing 13 quests a day. I think that’s why I level up slowly.

Stamina is the other main team xp source. Each normal campaign mission is 10 xp and each hard is 20, which really adds up if you’re burning through 300-600 stamina or more per day. At level 53 your cap is, what, 102? That’ll refill every 5 hours, plus the three daily stam bonuses—dunno if those are very convenient in your time zone.

The hard missions tend to be slightly more efficient since their cost goes up slower (i.e. district 3 is N6/H10, district 6 is N7/H12, etc.). You should expect a bit under 2 xp per stamina either way, which means you can get as much or more from campaign missions as from daily quests. I think the 50s is where I started to slow down to less than a level per day. That’s still only two weeks to 60. Patience, grasshopper!

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