What is the fastest way to get XP

So other then the daily challenges, what are some other ways to level up?

There are 2 types of XP in the game.

Team XP
This is your overall account level, you receive 10XP for completing normal campaign missions and you receive 20XP for completing hard missions. So completing a bunch of hard missions daily will result in you leveling up much faster.

Hero XP
These are the XP boosters rewarded from missions, they are used to level up your heroes. These will mostly be gained from completing Solo Raids. The higher solo raids provide more Hero XP boosters

So is it more beneficial to stick to normal difficulty because it uses less stamina?

That’s your choice, I do all the hard missions with hero frags in the first 4 districts as i can get 20XP, Frags which means heronium for me. To level up you just wanna spend as much energy as possible

Kk, and last question. How the hell did a handful of players get to level 100 already? Gold and Hard levels?

Marine reached level 100 by spending A LOT of money on gold to buy energy

Lol that’s what I thought

This has been frequently asked, to answer you, daily challenges, spending stamina

Extreme mode sector 2 most efficient since the update

50 xp for 20 stamina (2.5 xp/stamina)
40 xp for 20 stamina for sector 1 (2.0 xp/stamina) which is comparable to low level hard.

You have to beat the missions first though. But just adding that for completion


If I buy a pack of gold and decide to spend it all on stamina refills and (unfortunately) quick win tickets from black market; I will level up fast. As previous player stated, doing hard quests for hero fragments first and then quests for gear. The lower level story modes; the less stamina used.