UAF-Heroes lower boost at bonuty

This is not about UAF getting lower boost than Panzer. I am okay with that. But please let us know. We can see the boost they get and that it is lower. But if you buy the bounty crate, you get the information on the “normal” scale, the one that applies at Panzer.
We can´t see if it scales a different way or if the boost is just lower. It seems that it is just two faktors lower, so the scale starts at 3 instead of four times damage and HP.

I made a thread about some unclear decriptions at other events and you changed that so you can´t get anything wrong there anymore. Would be good, if you could do the same with bounty event, or rather the bounty crate.

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My 6/7* heroes get a x4. My 5* Hivemind has a x3. So I think its 2 less than the normal boost, not one.

But yeah, I agree this should use some clarification

You are right, changed it in the original post.

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