Thoughts on Cast

Worth leveling up? What is his value?

He’s a tanky disrupter, he can be annoying to deal with without any energy dps. His skills focus around crowd control, stunning and silence can render any hero useless, he’s alright in my book as the tank.

He takes an obscene amount of damage, you almost have to deal with him first cause he starts gaining even more health if you attack his allies at all.

Has tremendous HP and Armor. Any stray shooting bots who attack him basically waste their attacks because he will keep healing. And leaving him alive can often result in some annoying staggers. Stuns and silences. Though avoiding him is what counters him.

At base stats, Cast is a hero with some of the highest health in the game. He doesn’t taunt like Klayton, but he does cause enough disruption to throw the opponent off.

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