Update 8.0 Postponement


Sadly, due to some unforeseen issues which appeared with one of the platforms, we will have to postpone the release of 8.0 Update to next week.

All of the events that were supposed to start with or after the update have been pushed back by a week.

Our GMs will add some additional events to the current update so the week doesn’t feel empty. They will be announced with the event schedule tomorrow.

We have all hands on deck trying to resolve this problem as soon as possible and we will keep you informed in case any further changes happen.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

  • Your Hero Hunters Team

Will we get compensated… for anything…? Extra tokens, mk cores, gold, crates, and so forth for having to wait?

Thank you for the notice. One more week to gear up UAF. Is UAF standing alone or will another faction join this next month’s events?

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I was looking at the Google Play store for the update before I came here. I’m cool with a postponement, but who is “Supercharge Mobile”? Did you guys change your name from DECA or did the game get sold again?

Supercharge Mobile is a US developer group.

“We are a group of longtime computer engineers and product experts. We are focused on bringing amazing games and apps to life. We find app and game studios from all around the world to give new life to old titles.”

This isnt news or overly informative, just piggy backing on your comment.

My wife and i asked the question about supercharge on FB and they kept deleting our post
So is the game sold again?
What benefits will supercharge bring to the game

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Looks like it is sold

I was wondering the same thing… I was noticing forged fantasy isn’t owned by the same people too. That game has not been updated…

Hothead Games abandoned Forged Fantasy shortly after it’s worldwide launch. The stopped support for that game ages ago. It was never sold to DECA so don’t expect any changes to the game.

I wonder if they are allowed to bring more hero’s from forged fantasy.

Nope, since that game is still owned by Hothead, it wasn’t sold to DECA. :+1:

What do you think hotheads is doing now

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