Upgrade to RYKER

Hello Friends of Hero Hunters, someone else thinks that this Hero should be the strongest in the game or make an arrangement that gives him more strength, he is the Spirit of the Game in campaign and the great UAF

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The strongest? Not really. He’s one of the first basic heroes you get. Enough to get you to a certain point, but then you get better heroes along the way. He’s not completely weak, just others prefer to be sheep and follow the meta


No hero should be “the strongest”, definitely not Ryker anyway. As an entry-level hero he shouldn’t be a fix-all solution, but rather a basic introduction to dps heroes and straightforward damage. It was because he was entry-level that I decided not to upgrade him.

Look at all of your heroes, learn their strengths, and use them.


At ruby he does decent damage and PvP before ruby he could easily melt panzer soon brawls. He is pretty damn good for an easy game hero you are given for free. It is unlikely that he will see much change as for you at level 96 he may seem underwhelming but the entire player base at the start of the game he is balanced perfectly. I think you’ll find more player are under level 50 than they are above it.

I like piloting Ryker - he suits my style of play. I use him as my main DPS - any upgrade would be greatfully received :wink:. He’s been with me from the start (obviously) and he’s like an old friend…

Have fun…


Ryker was stronger in past. He even was nerfed few times. His skills was much more faster. Player has possibility spam his missiles like now this did Icebox with first skill.

P.S. During Gunrise times he also has another name (Jackson), have energy type and two eyes, lol.

He is actually already pretty good for a main protagonist.

Main protagonist usually doesn’t have to be really strong. I mean they have to a little bit of underdog.

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I think the main core of heroes have gone weak at higher levels. Yeah Ryker has decent DPS at ruby. Good! He should! (Right? Right??) But really: Ryker, Nightingale, and Butter…why aren’t they absolute mind-boggling killers. They have nerfed and buffed each but at this point who uses Nightingale anymore? For healing? She used to be clutch. Even got a LEGENDARY skin! Legendary for what? to be reduced to jokes status? And Butter is so easily defeated that it’s tragic. Yeah, in lower levels these guys should be important. But at higher levels these three should be MYTHICAL. They literally have more time in-game than any other hero. They’re the OG’s of the game. Yet at some point you just ignore them because, “Meh.”

‘No hero should be “the strongest”, definitely not Ryker anyway.’ - are you serious? There are definitely heroes you go with because they’re stronger. Let me ask this: Serial or Ryker? Hivemind or Ryker? Krieger or Ryker? Kiyoshi or Ryker? Shivs or Ryker? SO MANY OTHER HEROES or Ryker?

Yeah, I know “Ryker has some strengths over blah blah blah” but don’t dare tell me that Ryker is adequately recompensed for his running the show up to this point. And Nightingale should be the most boss healer at this point. Who has more field experience at this point than her? How many other healers have a LEGENDARY skin? And how many times do you pick a different healer than her EVEN WITH A LEGENDARY SKIN?

Butter got a nice pump up with his Second Life skin. He’s alright but they’ve nerfed the crap out of him too. Is he good at what he does? Yeah, except that he’s easily removed from your lineup because despite the fact he’s a “tank” he’s soft AF. And you know it.

I’m with this “OG Heroes Should Be Best Heroes” rant. I want love for the trio because they’re effectively running the ENTIRE SHOW.

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