War is brokem

Everything with war is messed up,I attack,it said successful, but dosnt do anything,keeps messing up


Plus if you buy scout drones they almost instantly dessapear but gold don’t back.

Because of this nonsense we got our supply line cut off so no telling how much this will screw up our score. Maybe should have taken the week break this may not have happened

They need to shutdown war for the remainder of the day, were 1 attack away from our supply line being cut, we handled. It easily at reset until the glitch in the matrix hit and best out of 100 we saved it probably 90 of them times. It needs to have a countdown so all teams have a fair shot again

Our war is messed up to i think its all around broke

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Just end this war as is, id be happy

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Think whole game having issues lagging and can’t complete patrols etc etc

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Same thing… war is really messed up. I can keep attacking the same team and points reset… t f?

Muninn quote - “Using emulators can cause false positives on live issues, can damage your profile, and opens the door to numerous other issues.”.

And so it seems emulators are more stable and have less bugs and glitches than this game. There’s always something isn’t there? Broken war this time. Top job lads!!! (And to think I’ve been generally using an Android emulator for years without updating. Everything has been stable throughout that time and worked perfectly).

Your own actions with coding causes more damage to the game than any emulator :joy::joy:


This has nothing to do with the use of EMs of the game code, the servers went down :man_shrugging:

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