War is getting boring

This is something serious I want to share with hothead

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You know the meaning of " joke " dude? I am sure he was joking about it. It’s not like you are gonna transfer all your money to him for winning an alliance war. He is a player like us and he can’t make you win the war.

Doctor , it seams you are not a healthy player .
You posted lies against Own , now you did the same again a respetable member of HH comunity !
Just play and enjoy the game bud , its a great game wih great players and good people behind !


i’ve played together with Iron and he’s a very honorable person


I have also played with Iron Man and he is straight shooter, very nice and decent guy. Like others have said. Just enjoy the game and have fun. Remember - it’s a game.

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Iron man is a renowned player and it doesn’t seems he asked intentionally . He must be kidding

Btw war is won with HQ donation now. Is not AW anymore, I call it Kumbaya War. And stop telling lie about my boyfriend :eyes:

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You make a post saying that war is getting boring. Yet you don’t give points or something we can argue on. Why is it boring? How can they fix it? What can WE as players do to make to improve?

It could be that he edited the original topic.

War is a base donation game mode now though.

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This topic was started as a witch hunt. The OP edited it to avoid moderation. It now has no actual content, and the post adds nothing to the discussion, so this will be closed.

Please don’t flag the original post further. The issue is resolved.