We need a better cash system

Everything else in this game feels fair to farm. You can farm frags in PvP, you can farm gear in missions, skill points and XP are abundant… but cash is just a big roadblock on letting us progress our heroes.

I currently have 47/59 heroes but I find myself only playing about 15 of them, at most, because I simply can’t spare any cash to play the others and get their skills up. The PvP system (matchmaking) will also punish you if you bring in underskilled heroes, so all they do every do is serve as patrol and gauntlet 1-2 fodder. I’ve also stopped evolving heroes I don’t need for the same reason - they eat up cash but don’t provide many benefits.

Missions give negligible amounts of cash, using my entire stamina/energy reserves gets me enough to raise one higher level skill. Every hour of energy will get you about $4k… which is nothing. There’s also PvP and the crates give a decent amount of cash, but the drop rate is so low (6%) that you have to win close to 100 games just to see a single cash drop.

Lastly, you have the Gold —> Cash transfer. The first transfer is actually decent, 10g for the cash you get is not a bad deal, but at 20g on average you’re basically paying a quarter’s worth of gold to raise a high level skill once. That isn’t an awful deal for your best heroes, but for everyone else who doesn’t see much play, I would never spent real money to get someone like Francoise’s skills maxed - and since PvP punishes you for not maxing skills, they become almost unusable except as a throwaway slot.

This becomes a predictable cycle, HHG doesn’t give us much cash because they want us to pay gold for it - but they also give us dozens of heroes that each take millions and millions of cash to max out for skills/gear crafting/evolution. So we’re forced to just spend the cash on the “good” heroes and let everyone else gather dust. Either we need more cash from events/PvP/missions, or HHG needs to reduce the cost of skills, because nobody has an incentive to experiment with off-meta heroes if it takes away days and days of cash that we could be using on our best team.


Totally agree, I have been screaming for more bucks for months.

Skills and evolving just costs too much and atleast 50% of my heroes are pretty unusable.

Actually, I have to disagree with you…
The Gold to Cash transfer is actually an awful deal, even if it’s to use on your best heroes.
Higher leveled players/heroes require higher amounts of cash, and $37,000 bucks is quite minuscule when taken into consideration the amount we need to even upgrade 1 skill point… definitely not worth 10+ gold in my opinion.
Other than that I agree with you completely :smile:

Below is a little overview of the amount of bucks we require in-game to max out stars and skills for each hero, not including the bucks we need to craft all the items they require to rank up.
For every new hero they add to the game, this total runs up, yet no new methods of obtaining bucks are set into place.
Time for more bucks :slight_smile:

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Yea that’s a good point Poob - they keep giving us more heroes to play, level, gear but without new ways to get cash we’re just getting spread thinner and thinner. I still have 12 heroes to unlock but I have 0 interest in them despite their power because I am already broke on cash, I have a backlog of Evolutions to pay for, and several of my top heroes still have skills that I need to raise.

Gear already feels like a fair speed bump to improving our heroes, it still takes me days just to get a single promotion sometimes, having cash also suffocate my ability to improve them just feels like overkill.

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