What does beloved Oro need?

Many don’t like Oro, and i can completely understand that, because his damage and hp isn’t to high and he doesn’t do a good job at it, now i have used him as 8 star platinum on every gamemode, and with this information i can see what exactly has to be done, firstly his bronze, his bronze should stay as it is. It has a very large area of effect and doesn’t neccesarily deal much damage but it can catch multiple enemies. And as far as i know is staggers every 2 seconds which can be convenient, maybe it could use a little extra buff like silencing or something, or the longer you stand in it the more damage it gets, but its fine, his second ability does need a change, firstly, whenever you have the Meltdown effect he deals damage to himself to get low and that damage also gets dealt to the enemy, what i reccomend changing about that is the silver stays the same, but charges a tiny but faster, and he will keep the meltdown effect between waves, because currently he loses it after every wave, that damage per second should be a tiny bit increased, then for his plat ability, what if he gets a shield when below his targeted hp and gets a 33 percent faster fire rate, i think these changes would make him : better at soaking up damage without dying, and also doing the thing he concentrates on, melting enemies down, this buff would make him a bit more viable in pvp, but not to good or anything, and for raids it would make him very good, because i’ve tried him on Helios and he was very effective at annoying the 3 bosses at the beginning and damaging the Helios, if you agree on this change make sure to let it be known with a like, thanks for reading!

I think what would make Oro AWESOME is pretty simple:

  1. Make his skill animations faster…in essence, reduce the casting time of his bronze and silver skills by half or more. He’s a muscular beast, he should be quicker.

  2. Have him enter meltdown mode at 95% health.

My opinion only, but I think those two fixes would make him really fun to use. I would feel more powerful with those buffs? As it stands now, he gets staggered soooo often, it’s a real shame. He has potential.

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Personally like oro just the way he is currently. He’s a damage tank, he’s not exactly supposed to be a bullet sponge. His goal is to wipe out any bio chem heroes the enemy brought, he’s also super effective in levels with endless enemies.

Have you ever used an Oro vs. a Serial and won? I’m genuinely curious. Lol


Never encountered that particular matchup. I mostly use him for gauntlet.

yes, but he can be better having his meltdown effect not removed, or it only gets removed when his plat activates

is there anything you don’t compare to Serial?

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He’s a very strong bio, Robert, hence why I state Serial.

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Oro needs some Halo love. :heart:

Indeed he coud be usefull with her, but then his damage every second should not stack up but be seperated for more lightning