What if Hardscope's BFG was boosted by his Gold and Platinum skills?

Hardscope, who is basically Dogface’s son or protege, has a very satisfying play style. A Platinum Hardscope is a frightening powerhouse in the hands of a patient player. So would his BFG become more of a monster if it was boosted by his Gold and Platinum Skills? The BFG can already headshot but Hardscope’s Gold and Platinum skills don’t seem to apply to his launcher.

The skill is named after the most overpowered Hell demon destroyer, so why wouldn’t the BFG be boosted by those skills?

I thought they applied?

They already do? Last time I did a real close inspection, the buffs didn’t activate when the BFG was active. I’ll do another close look again, could be I’m just a massive idiot.

Im quite sure his gold is not applied with the bazooka. Not sure about his plat, since my Hardscope is just gold, but if I recall correctly the BFG can headshoot, so maybe it also applies the plat skill

Hmmm, i’ll need to pay better attention then

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