What if hero hunters has a DLC content?

What if hero hunters has a DLC content called hero hunters: back to the civilizations


During Kurtz’s experiment class, Harbinger accidentally broke the chemical to make a realistic time machine then harbinger was trapped in the fallen future technology. After the accident, Ryker, nightingale, and cross decide to go in the said civilization after they found a time machine to went in the said civilization, but they went to the past civilizations.

Civilization chapters:

Chapter 1: The beginning (prehistory)
Chapter 2: The big butt dinosaurs (Jurassic period)
Chapter 3: Summer in Sumeria (sumerian period)
Chapter 4: The Pharaoh’s wallow (ancient Egypt)
Chapter 5: The Big muscles (ancient Greece)
Chapter 6: Cradle of Persia (ancient Persia)
Chapter 7: The Macedonia Collab (ancient Macedonia)
Chapter 8: Lost in Dawn (Germanic tribes)
Chapter 9: The revenge of Gauls (Gauls)
Chapter 10: The despicable (Picts)
Chapter 11: The stoneheads (Olmecs)
Chapter 12: The prediction (Maya civilization)
Chapter 13: The emperor’s wrath (Chinese empire)
Chapter 14: The mysterious hunt (Huns)
Chapter 15: Whispered secrets (Medieval Arabs)
Chapter 16: The real stealth (Byzantine empire)
Chapter 17: Welcome to the Albion (medieval Europe)
Chapter 18: War of Chase (medieval Crusaders)
Chapter 19: The lost fantasy (fairytale civilization)
Chapter 20: The revenge of the cold (Mongol civilization)
Chapter 21: The blue spies (Tuareg civilization)
Chapter 22: The medieval ghouls (Medieval Japan)
Chapter 23: The forest aboriginals (Australian aboriginal civilization)
Chapter 24: The feather heads (Aztec empire)
Chapter 25: The snake clothe (Inca civilization)
Chapter 26: The age of discovery
Chapter 27: The art of reality (Renaissance period)
Chapter 28: The Empire rise (Spanish empire)
Chapter 29: The Slavic empire (Tsardom of Russia)
Chapter 30: The rise of the Turks (Ottoman empire)
Chapter 31: The nativity (Native American civilization)
Chapter 32: The escape of the Eskimos (Inuits)
Chapter 33: The settlers’ ridge (American settlers civilization)
Chapter 34: The plantation shutters (Plantation slaves civilization)
Chapter 35: The baroque wars (baroque period)
Chapter 36: The classic wars (classical period)
Chapter 37: The cursed pirates (pirates of Caribbean civilization)
Chapter 38: the revolution (USA independence)
Chapter 39: the another revolution (french revolution)
Chapter 40: the shadow of evolution (Shah empire)
Chapter 41: the ultimate battle (Latin American independence)
Chapter 42: the industry wars (industrial revolution)
Chapter 43: the victorian era (UK’s victorian age)
Chapter 44: the wild wings (wild west)
Chapter 45: the circus show (circus of 1869)
Chapter 46: the sinking deeper (sinking ship of 1890s)
Chapter 47: the roaring twenties (1920s)
Chapter 48: the massive war (world war 2)
Chapter 49: the cold as new (the cold war aviation)
Chapter 50: the summer island (Summer of 1961)
Chapter 51: the space Odyssey (space rase)
Chapter 52: the funky town (1970s)
Chapter 53: the lost city (the Indiana Jones’ discovery in 1973)
Chapter 54: the neon party (1980s)
Chapter 55: the 8bit exploration (8-bit 1990s)
Chapter 56: back to the present time
Chapter 57: the cyberpunk (far future)
Chapter 58: the finale (fallen future technology in the year 5678)


After defeating the colossal spider, Ryker, nightingale and cross saved harbinger in a tragic time travel. After, Harbinger went home from her house to continue her homework and experiment.

DLC features:

Endless mode
Enhanced PVP mode
Exclusive skin for cyphon
Exclusive skin for bypass
Exclusive skin for keir
And many more!..

That’s all thank you :wave:

DLC content? in the most simplest terms, no. not a good idea. especially in mobile games.


but aren’t upgrades already a sort of dlc?


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