What is 5 heroes that guarantee winning every compaign mission?

Please share your personal opinion on what are your 5 special heroes using to win compaign missions? Mine used to be Dreadknot, Butter, Brogan, Hivemind and Mavem but now they aren’t working in hard compaigns district 13. Now want to focus on new 5 heroes for war.


A bit confusing… Add some more details so that, people can understand what u r actually asking… If u r asking tanks those r good with numbers for wars… Then, dreadnought & silhouette maybe… But, i am still thinking u need better suggestions… Either u can post ur in game name or simply ur hero roster+account’s stats…

If u r below 1m power than things r different for u in wars…
(war isn’t all about power for attack & defence,there r some misconceptions which people still don’t know & they’re not observing what actually happening in wars)

Thanks bro! I thought defenders are just taking damage and giving shield and health, but you are right I should have been more specific and detailed. I usually use Butter and Brogan in war and lately they aren’t working in hard compaign 13 and on.

If u have tankers like kobold, phalanx, heimlock, bucket, matador, mandrake then, i don’t think u need more… But, jackal, dreadnought & callidus can be a good choice but, not if u don’t have enough resources to max any hero u want in just few minutes then, don’t touch them.

Whenever u ask help for team/hero building then, i’ll say… Join HH’S discord server then, post ur account’s stats there(in guide channel) & wait for few minutes… U’ll get lots of good suggestions from there.

& 1 more thing… I guess, u r referring campaigns by saying it wars.

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No single team will be able to beat all missions, look at the heroes you are facing and adjust your team accordingly. If you are facing all energy enemies then you will want an energy shielder like butters, and a mech dps. Bio would be useless


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