What is the best way to increase Butter's stars?

From the beginning, I’ve invested to Butter for him to keep full level of all his skills, but nowadays I’m frustrated that I cannot get his fragments to upgrade him (increase his stars) from the given three-stars.

Now I’m a VIP level 9, and sometimes I pay my money, but is there no way for me at all to get his fragments without paying real money to buy the crates ??

If buying the crates is only one way to get his parts, then which crate do you recommend to buy for the best cost-efficiency ??


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you can get hero or class fragments. You can also participate with your alliance on patrols. which in the end (depends how far you guys go) you can get lots of fragments for your hero. Also, the alliance store sometimes has him, the heronium store has him. hero crate.

there are a lot of options, its just a lot of fragments one needs each time he ranks up. Like 9 star is like 600 or so and for the 10 star is about 1080. Just keep on looking out for the stores for him and maybe also some of the hard missions you can get his fragments as well.

Best of luck

You do know that you can apply your collected energy fragments to any desired energy hero right?

@FelixSG when you click on the button that the arrow is pointing to, a drop down menu will appear that allows you to apply Hero fragments to a hero.
These can be collected through PvP tournaments and alliance events such as the Bounty Event.
They can also be found in the Heronium store, which requires 10* heroes to unlock.
You can also click on “Find” which shows you more ways to obtain the hero.
Unfortunately for Butter, the only way of getting his frags is through hero crates, which cost gold. So, the best way would be to apply hero fragments, which are circled in the picture below.

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What a happy guy he is.