What the heck is up with the season rewards

Why would you put in siren and just take her out in the war season rewards?. That’s really messed up I got all excited we were going to get her soon. Smh messed up move

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are you really surprised esp with the store f up?

That probably wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. Don’t we get Kurtz fragments as part of the reward?

Only in the top league all the ones who are top vip don’t get Kurtz frags

Yeah, I think it was just a simple mistake that they later corrected.

I’d be fully ok with that IF I didn’t get so bland generic response from support that clearly the person responding to me didn’t even read what I sent

Briar was the intended reward, and Siren was a mistake. We apologize for any inconvenience the correction caused. Support can’t provide insight as to why certain decisions were made. Please be polite to them, as they’re just doing their jobs.