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In this recent month of the update, about to go into October Hothead has recived complaints, praises, and even support. I want to adress the elephant in the room and say this; UAF month after Morlocks once again, some devs had said it wont be UAF but it was anyways, what problems did you have due to two UAF months sort of back to back? Praises; Wesson i feel was one of the newer heros no one had any real issues and no one said he needed a nerf with due to skills like Panzer or Ifrit being overpowered or gamebreaking, which im pretty sure saves Hothead time. Issues have been fixed, like PvP matching, Districts 11’s story and beautiful looks, but one thing people who are free to play would like to receive easier ways to get more gold without paying, grinding super hard,or doing tapjoy, which be honest, how many problems have you had with Tapjoy? Me, only 2. And as October is coming up we got a new 7* coming and Hothead held a contest for guessing Min’s skills which can be a success, but what else would anyone like to see as a note to the devs before they release the update? In my opinion this month wasnt the best, and I did expect more from Hothead, maybe it was me but i felt as this month was half-assed. I hope for this month to be better and i wish everyone goodluck on their hunting and works

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