How to finish this loadout?

I saw a post about Galante + Halo and it got me thinking, what’s the best way to totally [use] Halo’s platinum skill [to it’s highest potential]? How would you complete the following loadout?

Galante, Savage, Bolt, Halo, ???

Mauler or Siren works. Rock on!!!

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Halo’s plat works very well if u pair it with the skills from Mauler, Surge, Hivemind, Shiv, Siren, Flatline, Steele, Savage, Ifrit and Anvil…

Constant lightning…

Just watch the storm coming when Ifrit, Savage and Hivemind execute their skill…

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This doesn’t directly address your question, but Halo-Ifrit-Mauler is a lot of fun. Showtime disorients everyone, which triggers Mauler’s passive, causing every opponent to take damage every tick. This, of course, results in a lightning storm. Add Siren and Hive and you’ve got yourself a rave :cloud_with_lightning:

I read TrialZee’s post, and was like, why Ifrit? Then I did put 1 and 2 together and realize the Ifrit/Mauler combo.

Now I’m going to run Galante, Savage, Mauler, Ifrit, Halo (took out Bolt sadly).

I do understand the Siren and Hivemind thing, but I feel like the above combo is a little more balanced (little tankier, more elemental diversity), albeit at the cost of less lightning procs. That and I like to use Hivemind primarily in a different loadout with Wesson.

Thanks so much for the help.

Don’t make me nerf it!

LMAO, noooooooooooo.