What's your favorite hero pose from the game?

For example, I’ll start. My favorite has always been Oracle’s in the hero upgrade screen when she’s sipping her cup of joe from behind a police car while a KLG solider is getting pummeled by orbital bombard in the background. Which I find very amusing every time I see it. So, my question to you is what’s your favorite hero pose in the game?


I know, big shocker. For me, my favorite hero pose would have to be Sapphyr’s. Her running up to the Sentry unit and doing a back flip off of him has always been something I found cool. It also reminds me of my days as competitive gymnast. Doing flips and twists were like second nature for me. :sweat_smile::wink:

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Clyde and Ghoul, definitely. A quickdraw shot to the viewer or a nonchalant grenade toss? Take your pick, they’re both awesome

Caine’s pose suits him extremely well; wish more props were used in the hero poses.

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Looks very badass to me, and I like the metallic clang when he bashes his fists together too.

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Honestly has to be either Callidus, a large woman grabbing a soldier his head and then leaching his life out of him, or shivs, a standard combat ready pose like she is going to fight you.

I’d honestly have more but i just had to choose


Krieger BEST pose. :grin:

Kunoichi 2nd. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Need I say more…best pose ever other than this one

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Looks like Salvatore is flipping us


That is his armor, not a middlefinger

It is, but that is also the default angle, so it does still look that way most of the time. lol

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I like it lol :slight_smile: