When will you learn what min max is

My heros are not min max as some of you accuse. Min max is when you hero is at one kevel and the skills are substantially lower. Fir example a lvl 90 hero with skills in the 70s, 60s, 50s, 40s. That way they can play artifically lower. With my heros they are 58 or 60 with all the skills also at 58 or 60…that is called balance. I work my heros up in balance. That way all heros can be on a team with ither heros in balance, no sandbag, no min max. I am in the process of making all plat to maintain balance. Sorry some of you ate jealous and didnt think of balance in your rush for power and regret it now. I thought of balance. Most ppl are either jealous or lose to me. I have played way more pvp than almost everyone in game. I used to play 20 of 24 hrs for every pvp event. I used to free play all the time. I learned early on balance is paramount…along with a few other things. So when my heros were spread from lvl 22 to lvl 40…i brought them up slowly to the lvl 40. Then increased each hero and each skill 1 lvl at a time…in balance. Balance takes time. So i played and built smart…and you didnt. Get over it. Learn now. My team has moved from all gold 58 with matching skills to half plat and lvl 60 with matching skills. In balance. When all are 60…guess what…then i go to 61…in balance. All 61 with matching skills before 62. So get off it. I dont min max i balance. I dont sandbag…i balance. You dont like it…well thats cause you messed up your team and you are jealous. Most of you ppl saying these things keep dm’ing me for my account when i quit. Why is that??? Oh ya because you know im right. Also i will not give away or sell my account…both are against tos. Tbh i most likely wont check here for replies. You all know how to dm.


Focusing Stars before bars, and minimizing skills & levels wherever necessary to maximize your efficiency and minimize your penalties is literally “min maxing”; its min maxing a hero’s raw stats vs skills.

Aight nothing illegal about it and not even remotely an exploit, but min maxing is min maxing.

All very nice but what’s the problem?