Not enough Bio Bounties

Is it just us or does it seem like there aren’t enough Bio Bounties without Carabina required to go around. This faction has too many Energy Heroes yet not enough Bio Bounties!


Bounties are always evenly weighted between the three Types. We don’t adjust them based on the bonused Hero and Faction. You’re meant to use your bonused Heroes, but also other Heroes in order to win.


I’m not sure about that (not calling you a liar) but it Seems every bounty one hero type isn’t spawning the most used bonus hero opposite from it

I agree 100%. There has been minimal bio bounties.

The majority of bio bounties are Carabina required. Check again if you don’t believe me

100% agree. Most bio spawned requires Carabina. 98% of it.

It’s your choice whether to believe us or not when we offer information.

Without bio bonus hero’s, all mech sit. The problem is, you probably have members only hitting bounties with their bonus hero’s and skipping the mech bounties. So they build up. You also can’t go on just what you summon. The alliance as a whole will summon about 33.33% of each element.

95% of the community don’t have carabina because of frag limit and they don’t want to spend money where carabina isn’t even guaranteed not even extra frags.
Lvl 90 says 4-5 frags but everytime I get 7 out of 8. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

It is strange how so many people say the opposite! It can’t be a coincidence

There alot of mechs but this is as someone said that alliance members hit others quickly leaving mech. Thou did summon 3 times and got mechs. It is annoying hou that bounty starts and will almost end before we get new hero from cooping. Last few heros a chest was offered to top up missing frags and this is missing on this occasion. Either allow more time to collect frags or offer crate. I did do the first 2700 on large crate tier 4 I think but got no luck. Not spending a weeks wage on getting a 3 star hero bad enough on a 7 star…

Last two bounties had all three elements as the bonus hero’s. Seemed to be a very balanced bounty. I don’t think the problem is the fact were summoning too many of one. The problem is not having all elements represented in every faction. That’s why I believe it’s time for a re-organization of the factions. It would be better all-around not just for bounty but even, PVP , co-op faction, and solo events, to have all the elements represented.

Every bounty I always look who is the heroes. And always work on the element that has the least or none in the bonus. You will havr more bosses summoned against the least elemental bonuses or one with none


a scene Leo talking to Oracle in Matrix I recall :smiley:

Right back at ya :wink:

  1. Go to your bounty “activity log”,
  2. Number all the “Defeated” (green) and “Escaped” (Red) bounty according to Group.
  3. Then… U will get the truth! (I did)


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