Which Hero would be a Tiktok user in a non-ironic way?

I asked this question over at the Discord but I wanted to see what the forum dwellers had to say. I’m talking about a Hero who uses Tiktok as advertised i.e. doing the cringe-y dances and lip syncs without any irony.

Secondly, which Hero would be those memelords who bully the Tiktok users? The type of Hero who would dance at a “serious” duet.

This isn’t anything serious; this came up as a thought when I was binge watching Tiktok memes.

My own answer to my first question, an actual Tiktok user would probably be Steele. You know, the guy who plays the “good girls like bad guys” song and not feel bad about it.

To answer my second question, I think Tiktok g a m e r would most likely be Hardscope. I mean look at him and his smug face: he looks like the type of guy to pull out a rocket launcher that deals both mechanical damage and armor reduction when he sees a furry on a duet. I yeeted Pris off the map with Hardscope’s BFG in the Gauntlet one time.

Min for sure. or secretly Dogface

What the hecc is tiktok?

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It’s good that you don’t know.


Haha just kidding.

I feel like Ryker would be the type of person to do the “bAD BOi” meme

the horror! then i won’t pry.

OK so now I am gonna google what Tiktok is on office time.
I will get back here soon with my input.


I am back but I don’t have input. But Heckler maybe?