The Top 10 Characters are....(Attempt 2)

I am trying again. I would love to see a list of 10 best characters (in your opinion). By list I mean that you will provide 10 names of characters that fit this criteria, preferably in descending order. By 10 I mean one more than 9. Thought the banter on the last post was entertaining it did not help me very much.


Top 10 for what exactly? War? PVP? Campaign? Extreme missions?



You post, read the comments on your post but, don’t reply… You could simply stop that mess in ur last post if u wanted… Otherwise, we all were just having fun on that post including u also.

You did receive a lot of good replies in your previous post, take a look at what those say, and take in the feedback.

Every hero (with the exception of a few), are good to use. It’s just finding what gamemode they thrive in.

Caine, Mandrake, Gale, Keel, Ronin. Cast, Butter, Hiemlock, Halo, Hideo.

I use those 10 heroes in all game modes with various team synergies.

any reply that doesn’t include matador is just flat wrong. I have spoken.

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I just don’t find Matador to be top 10 quality, especially in a field of 100 heroes. He’s good to start out with, maybe top 25, but he doesn’t make me shake in my boots.

he’s not supposed to. he’s supposed to shield and heal the whole team and break all the covers. he’s the best shielder in the game.

Let me ask to my ruby duels stats…

Hmmm… They said the most deserving ruby tanker

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