Which types match making is this?

Please change match making system, because of this !

Your team is completely unbalanced, hence the bad balance of power, the importance of having a balanced team in pvp

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It’s true that the matchmaking system gives you a penalty for having power imbalances, but making it so that your opposition’s entire team is as strong as your strongest character is a little extreme. I do think they’ve gotten a lot better about punishing sandbagging in general though, and the fact that this happened is more of an unfortunate side effect rather than a glaring error in their matchmaking algo.

ETA: also, a Ronin sandbagger complaining about matchmaking is pretty rich.


You are level 90 yet some of your hero’s aren’t. You are doing what a lot are doing lately and refusing to level your hero’s to gain an advantage and pair them with a 90 10* 4bar ronin. Unbalanced teams get penalized now and yours is very unbalanced.


Ya, I feel like they need to fix this so after team power of 80 or 85k, you do not get penalized anymore. This guy is getting severely penalized when he isn’t even gaining any real power from his mis-matched team comp.

I am sure the match making sees he has a bunch of 10*, 3-4 bar plat heroes with a 9* 1 bar and automatically applies the penalty. In reality though, he isn’t gaining any advantage from it and ALL of his opponent’s heroes are the same/similar power to his strongest.

He is being penalized cause his team sucks, nothing more, nothing less. I thought that people would learn by now that power means nothing if your team is unbalanced.

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