Who do YOU think is the most challenging Hero?

There are easy heroes to control, and challenging heroes, my question to YOU is: who do you think is the most challenging hero to play with?

My opinion is Clyde. He requires pin-point aim to get the crit chance/damage buffs, he requires a strong and supportive team to stay alive, and his abilities need to be timed well for maximum damage output.

Let me know down in the comments, all opinions matter!


Carabina requires timing and quick thinking to get all of her stacks to help her allies. Hardscope also requires a lot of patience.


For me, I think it would have to either be Mandrake, or Alcatraz.

Mandrake, (who I almost never pilot) is a challenging hero for me, because when you play as him, your view is different compared to other heroes. He is so far over to the left. It throws me off sometimes when I’m aiming.

Alcatraz, is another challenging hero for me, because he is so big and tall, that I can see his gun. That also just throws me off a bit.

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Prophet. His hits are slow and unforgiving, you also have to idle a bit between each shot for the crosshair bloom to minimize to increase his accuracy. I would like a further slight buff to him. As he is my favorite hero, I was the first in the game to Ruby him.


I think Caine is the most challenging to pilot. You have to keep an eye on who’s low, as well as keeping up to date on their position, since you have to throw stuff at them specifically.

Bolt and Hardscope are also challenging. Bolt has a little process for maximum damage: shoot, then immediately use his silver, shoot again, then bronze, and keep on shooting. Oh, and try for headshots, of course.

Hardscope has a bonus for headshots, too, and he gets a damage boost from his gold (although you might be able to make up for that by just spamming the shoot button), so good aim is required for maximum damage.

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Duran, it’s a bit difficult to keep up allies health in some missions because of visual obstructions, and he gets overwhelmed easily if you pilot him, but then he’s completely inept when the AI is controlling him.


Bolt, definitely. You NEED to land headshots to make best use of him, and with no plat stacks, he reloads slowly. Master those, and he’s a beast


For me, literally any healer lol. I’ll be too focused on damaging the enemies rather than healing my allies. D:

To be honest, i feel like in terms of skills bolt is more challenging, but artemis would win in terms of gameplay as her only way of really damaging is having pinpoint aim, but bolt needs to get his abilities strategically placed

I have a super high sensitivity, and if you have followed my guide on better gameplay, you should easily be able to concentrate on the battlefield and healing as on shooting, i have the perfect baalnce between it so it is rewarding to play as the medic/support

I find prophet having a weird pattern of aiming, i do like him in terms of difficulty as it is fun to feel like the marksmen you are, if you get used to him good you understand his shooting pattern and then he deals great damage, but to be honest he is more for pve, he does good at pvp to but his silver stacks are meant to do more damage over time, i personally never use the silver as it takes to long to charge up, what i do is kill and then kill, then it gives a free charge and i keep the damage buff until i am sure i can get a quick kill blow on my opponent, he doesn’t need a buff if you’d ask me, i have him at plat 1 10 star

Hardscope indeed requires a lot of patience, but when the patience is over it’s pretty easy to hit headshots, but i do agree on your point

I think you mean confusing here, personally i play both of them very often and i do not find such problems, i don’t mind the switch to mandrake as i am always up to date on what i do, and for alvarez i find it actually quite comforting to play as him, i use him a looot on my second account

Not confusing… just different. There’s nothing wrong with it. I just don’t play them enough for me to be used to it. It is challenging for me. And I was talking about Alcatraz, not Alvarez.

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Oh, oopsie, i always get confused, alcatraz indeed feels slightly different, but not to the point it bothers me

Well, ymmv. Basically Art and Bolt play very similar, but she has more utility (chimera/tracking shot) compared to bolt, whose skills are all basically variants of ‘deal damage’ or help him deal more damage (reload/crit). She also has him beat in survivability (plat’s cloak +hp). Basically, they’re like Drow and Windranger

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Pariah. You have to be familiar with how fast heroes can charge up their healing skills, as well as remember how long it’s been since they last healed their team. You’ve also got to be careful that you don’t get disrupted whilst you’re using your silver or that time and patience goes in vain. In some scenarios you have to guess which enemy is going to be healed as multiple enemies could have roughly similar health.

She can be lethal if used correctly as most PvP teams have a healer of some sort to exploit, but I’ve personally never been against one in PvP since she was released :frowning:

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She is in terms of difficulty to play rather easy, but in terms of timing she is the number one, she is indeed very difficult to master!

Another hero I wanted to mention was Duran. I find him super fun to use when piloted because of the hectic energy the match brings when you’re scanning for a low hero.

Indeed, i like duran in multiple ways, he is a great addition to the game as his gold is reaaaly fun to mess around with with heroes that are usually weaker or make them even stronger!