Who is your favorite character so far?

My wife said this (skin) reminds me of the time I was loaded and road my roommate’s kid’s rocking horse and said I was going to Conquer The Roman Empire.

Reminds me of Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. Also reminds me of one of my favorite shows; Cops.

Ninjas are cool. Ninja Gaiden is one of my favorite old time classics.

This reminds me of my wife, which she agrees.

Really cool Wild West Killer Droid.

Guilty Gear, Guitar Hero, Rockband, The Legend of Black Heaven… (Hard Rock Saves Space!)

Harpoon Guns are deadly.

Shaolin Monk Jedi Donnie Yen

Sarah Conner Terminator

Haven’s you always wanted to wear one of those old school deep water suits… or better yet battle with one.

He’s like the real Uncle Sam.

His gravity based skills, plus his persona, makes him a very enjoyable, down-to-earth character. Plus, he has a great control ability that really feels good on biochems.

If I was a superhero, I would definitely go with Hivemind’s drones. Love the diversity and feeling of air superiority

The first hero I upgraded to plat, and the first hero I won via story contest. Love her utility.

I always lean toward support characters, so Oracle was amazing when I got her. Her skills are very underestimated, yet effective when you need some momentum. Plus, I love her character design!

The dude’s straight up gives you his health for his teammates, plus all of his skills work to serve others. I really like that aspect of sacrificial healing, and it’s why he’s one of my ‘feel-good’ healers.

A lucky pull from a gilded crate, His shotgun basic attacks are surprisingly effective, and I love his smoke grenade ability that he can use on allies.

Wow, u guys unearthed a really old thread… :slight_smile:

My absolute fav has to be bolt…mainly because he’s an insane dps if you can land the headshots
Other top picks are

Kuno, for the same reason

Oracle, for awesome outfit design and the silver skill

Brogan, for no real reason he’s just cool to have :sunglasses:

Kobold, instant healing, shields, and decent dps…perfect!

Also, not a fav hero, but butter’s “eat your food” tattoo is my favorite part of the entire game

Like a day ago I said Bolt was most useless hero (I recanted), now that I am using him, I’d say he is the most fun character to control.

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Without a doubt, Baron. :wink:

Fran because she knows how to get a party started and Siren because someone has to get others to start dancing.

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My favs are the one getting the job done! :grin::joy:

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Fast response.
Fast backup.
Good performance.
Best for all team.