Who’s better

Who is better between heckler and kriger

Depends on your fighting style, if you like to win quickly because you’ve got other stuff you need to do, then krieger, if you’ve got time to kill heckler is fun to use. As far as stats go both of them are decent but I believe krieger has more power at max level.

Absolutely true. Krieger has more power and is more versatile for campaign, PvP and for war. But Heckler is one of my favorite heroes because I like his stun and his bad attitude. :wink:

Two different beasts:

Krieger focuses on buffing allies’ skills, and does heavy damage on enemies (especially those who are marked). He also can boost his basic movement speed and damage output speed. Brutal against most heroes, but needs good synergies / certain heroes to be able to thrive.

Heckler is a consistent energy dps who sacrifices his health to boost his damage output . His basic attack can also deal a 1 second stun, useful for interrupting enemy reloads/skills. Potent force against bio enemies, but rather susceptible to dying.

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Krieger is the better for me❤️

Krieger :skull_and_crossbones:

I find Krieger so much more useful that I could see him being nerfed somewhat within the next 6 months or whenever the next meta changes.

Krieger definitely…

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