Who to upgrade!

I’m looking for a good Frontline that doesn’t die too quick.

Cast is a pain lol matador is good support with heals

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Depending on ur roster…Mandrake or Heimlock are always good options.

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Matador at gold+, he can break cover easily when low on health which gives him a really good shield
Butter, he heals from damaged shields and heals himself, but he taunts so idk
Cast, really tough, although generally last to die because he’s only annoying and doesn’t really do damage
Castellan, with his turrets and shield he can be absolutely unkillable, while dishing out some serious damage with his turrets
Heimlock, he can heal but doesn’t deal a lot of damage at all

Baron is tough but taunts too much, he can give ur other allies some breathing space but he usually dies

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And don’t forget Kobold!
If what you want is someone hard to kill but keeping some utility besides that, choose Mandrake, plus he is farmable.
But if I had to choose amongst all the other good-frontline-non farmable heroes, I would say Kobold or Heimlock. Probably Kobold because of the importance of shielding in this game.

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Why don’t you post some pics of the heroes you already have? It would be more helpful for people to give advice.

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Not really happy with who I’ve been focusing on. Some of this advice I can already tell a difference, I never put effort into focusing on support and attack

Going try and get cast up to plat

I wouldn’t focus too hard on Cast - even though he’s one of favs. Like others have said, he has plenty of staying power but that’s about it.

Matador is an easy one to build up and is pretty useful. I’d also suggest you work on Butter and Mandrake, plus you’ve got Razorback who shouldn’t be scoffed at. He’s like Baron, but not broken.

Kobold and Phalanx are another two who work well with another tank.

#MakeBaronGreat :crazy_face:

Better choice for Cinder to get to plat. Daily income of fragments and high power. Try upgrading coverbreakers too so she can get to her full potential sooner.

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I agree with Spyro666. Plat cinder