Who's the Best Energy DPS hero?

Besides Heckler and Prophet, What are some good Energy DPS characters?

Sapphyr for her heal blocks

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Dogface, because of the amount of kinetic energy that he delivers through his bullets. /sarcasm


hive mind, with his 3 silver drones, it good sapping/sec

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Sentry used to be very good. Halo but you’ll need to build a team around her. I guess Gammond with Caine, Moss, and other crit chance could be an okay dps

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Nightingale. Her mark brings good dps against the targeted enemy and has great uptime. Crit is also now a thing so that makes her even stronger.


Halloway. His silver skill combined with all three of his drones does massive damage. Also once platted he and his drones can survive for a lot longer.

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Oro. hes the best :smiley:

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Currently I’d say Sapphyr since her buff in this last update, kinda helped her get better DPS output.

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Ignore everything everyone wrote.

Ronin is not only highest Energy DPS but the biggest DPS in the game.

Enjoy experimenting 8)


Ronin is the only one I have on the list besides Nightingale and Sentry (Which I hate both) so I guess I’ll invest into him


It is a big claim, man… biggest DPS in the game… Because of who you are I know you at least have the honest belief it is true and I am excited!

I have so many questions.

Biggest DPS in the game, with skin or without?

I have a 9* Ronin - plat him or gold will do? If plat, which skill do you want, the damage buff or the health buff?

Please I need to know! I love Ronin but haven’t used him much!

Yes, in the game.

Ronins Honourbound is incredible if you can spawn drones/halos.

Take him for a run on Dojo with Hivemind and Halloway.

He goes super Saiyan and is like having a permanent dogmode, yet stronger bullets.

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Ok that means plat.

Plat Ronin on the way then.

Is the claim still valid without drones adding 4-7 additional allies’ worth of the damage buff?

When I run 3-4 heroes with lower hp than him in PvP he still kills ifrit maxed in his first clip.

He has good Armour piercing which people don’t seem to realise.

Add me in-game I’ll take you for a run with him in dojo tonight.

oh boy… didn’t thunk of the drone mechanic. this is like cinder + 4 cover breakers.

Ronin is stronger than heckler?

Ronin is stronger in a team Vs Heckler but 1v1 Heckler wins. I’ve tested this alot with alliance.

Ronin’s plat description says “allied heroes”, so I guess the drones effect is a bug?