Why do we need yanlong to get more yanlong shards?

The last event was crazy. You need to have yanlong so you can fight with him in the team so you can be rewarded with small amounts of yanlong + scum frags. I know this is for 10* him or something, but 1.) the reward is just too little for the goal and 2.) you’re alienating new players. So how do you get him? Farm him from nodes 9-1 hard, be lucky in hero crates, p2w route buy the yan long crate or be a beta player baby.

It’s as if the event was made for beta players. Can we please move on from the beta and p2p mentality and create a more inclusive event environment? (by actually asking for realistic requirements. Where’s the common sense here? Do some cross requirements lol)

Yanlong has been out for 2 months with multiple opportunities over that span to obtain him, I’m going to guess over half the player base over level 40 have him at this point. Stop with the idea that it’s a beta only event when he was released after the game went worldwide. The brawl is not meant to be a way to farm him or even to star him up, hence the rewards table. It’s a fun way to pass the time while no other events are going on and if you don’t have the required heros to participate you are not missing out on anything that will have a major effect on your gameplay.

15 shards is not going to 10* him. A one day event is not going to have a crazy amount of rewards ESPECIALLY when not everyone can participate. The way this game has played since the release globally has been so far from a beta player mentality with all the opportunities that players have had to catch up. And also every pvp event has a bonus hero that can easily be obtained, so you do have your “cross” requirements.


You should try playing again from the beginning and know how this one sided events alienate new players. It’s probably ok if it happens once in a blue moon. But this happened three times in the past month or so with yanlong requiring yanlong, scum requiring scum etc. There should be a cross requirement related to the lore, if there’s even one in the mindlessness of it all.

3 times in the last month? Ive been here 40 days and this is the only event I remember with requirements

If I tried playing again from the beginning I don’t think I would care if there was a one day event for a hero I don’t have yet. In every game you will ever play you will not have access to every possible thing while leveling up or going through the game. Plus, the heroes they are choosing to spotlight have been featured a ton over the last few months. Like I said before, the reward table for brawls are not the best because of the nature of the event. 10 free wins, a stamina reset, and 10 shards for a hero that requires 180 after you unlock him is not game changing or going to further the gap between players.

I don’t know what you mean about one sided either, but why can’t people who have played this game for the past 3 months have a little fun event for a hero that most of them earned by grinding and doing well in past pvp events? So every event from here on out should only be centered around Butter, Ryker, and Nightingale just so every possible person in the game can play in it?

Even with the event, if you are so desperate to get your 10 yan and scum fragments, they offer a crate with a big increase in drop chances for yanlong. I just don’t see having events centered around a hero that the game has spotlighted for the past 3 months as alienating new players when we have multiple pvp tournaments that always include a hero that’s easily obtainable early in the game.

I’m VIP 3 with a total playing time of 44 days and currently at the 8th nodes. I have 100k total power. So you can say I’m fairly average, maybe above average. BTW, Yanlong, he’s not part of the heroes you can pull in the hero crates. He is exclusively farmed in nodes 9-1, 9-5, 9-10 at a rate of freakin 9 frags per day.

How the hell are you claiming that “over half of the player base over level 40 have him at this point?” You can’t give this unfounded statement and say that hey, it’s not alienating people becasue people have him already. Im kind of confused here, Benched. I’m here saying that the event seems like it’s geared for veteran paying players, for a specific niche of players. And you are here defending that the prize is almost negligible, but it’s still for a specific niche of players right? So with that, it alienates parts of the community, right? You’re contradicting yourself benched.

And the logic I’m asking for is to please never do an event where you will be rewarded (minuscule according to you) frags for the character you need to use in the event. It’s not logical. Especially when you’re saying that the rewards for it are negligible in the long run. So the amount is more significant when you’re aiming for the initial unlock right? Might as well make it accessible for the community.

I’m not trying to argue here, all I’m saying is that the basis of brawls are not for rewards, it’s to pass some time between the events and also to try some new things out they may want to implement (like the last brawl). When they do events like that they also have a crate specific for that hero. For that yanlong event, they had a crate available were you could obtain him(like I stated above) and they have had other multiple crates that have included him too. I never disputed that it wasn’t geared toward veteran players, actually I think it pretty much is. But i feel like this game needs events like these to keep these long term players active. Again, it’s not like it’s an Artemis required event, where even if you played for the past 3 months you would have to have been lucky enough to roll her. People who placed in February tournaments would have him at at least 4 stars, and if they pulled him from one of the 5-6 special chests we have had since then it could be a lot more, AND you can farm 9 shards a day.

I think alienate is not the right word for this situation though. It would be alienating if there were blocking out a group of players while the other group gets something new, but like we have both stated, the rewards mean no one is being overly benefited by playing that brawl and even during the event, someone who just joined had the opportunity to try and get in. This game is very inclusive with its player base with so many opportunities for players to obtain heroes and grind shards for them. Honest question, when Fischer was first introduced in the pvp events, only like 30 people where able to obtain him from that first event. Is that unfair because not everyone was able to get him after it? I mean only 30 players were able to get him before anyone else! That sounds like alienating a lot of people from the game. Should they just do away with that and have everyone who plays a pvp game during the event earn him at the end?

Bottom line, I can see your fustration about not being able to participate in an event because not everyone can meet the requirements. From my take, regardless if i meet the requirements or not, I think in order for this game to continue to hold the interest of players there needs to be more challenging and specific events even though not everyone might be able to do them.

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