Why it's too hard to get points in bounty event?

Hey guys , don’t you think that it’s too hard to get the final milestones in bounty event with that much of points nedded?..I mean only a few alliances can get all the rewards

If everyone gets the reward there is no incentive for people to continue playing the event.

For a few months the highest milestone was 30k points, which the top 100 teams hit withing a few hours so there was no point in teams who were hovering around 60 in position to continue playing once they secured their final rewards were. Its also something those top alliances can work towards and serves as additional compensation for the time they put into the event.

I have no problem with high rewards that are exclusive to a few alliances, same as there no problem with greater rewards for higher places in PvP.


The rewards could even be higher haha

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I personally think that the progressive bounty rewards are great. If you’re only getting like 1-2 then you need to switch to a different alliance. What I do have a problem with is the rank rewards. Those seem lackluster, but the progressive rewards do make up for it imo.


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