Why this awesome game cannot attract more Players?

From what I recollect ,I also at first glance was put off by the video in the Google Play store.For god’s sake its has not been updated for years.While the advancements(in game) and tastes of gamers have developed with time.

What should be done :
Update the Google Play Store Videos and photos.

That video doesnot do justice to the “amazing experience” I have had playing it.


HH needs to expand their promotion. If i watch adds i never see HH. If i don’t see ads i don’t know the game exists.


The main point is HH is very consistent game which I’ve seen in no game. You can easily predict the schedule of whole year wars , new update dates. For being so consistent and no new modes added , players get bored up after achieving heights and they quit . Similarly for new players , the pvp matchmaking system is ruined . Sometimes we meet 100K stronger teams in pvp matches . Also for new players there are very less active alliances and HH mainly focus on alliances rather than solo work . New players find it way harder to grow and become stronger as no one take the weak players in their ally fearing sandbagging in war and they are correct too. The fact is HH needs to revamp the game and add more fun to the game . Alliance levelling system can provide a very good scope for new players and for old players to return back .


For fans who should know that hh ads exists.
Algorithms will push this ad to u too if u r a player who plays this game too much. Yeah, i used to play hh a lot & now I rarely log in maybe after a month or weeks.
The good thing about this ad is u’ll see this ad only in hh. So, it’s a great marketing strategy to promote your game but only inside your game:)
Think different, think inside the box.

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